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Innovation and creativity are the keywords using which companies sell their products owing to the ever-growing interest of the consumers in trying something new and unique. The Watercooler article discusses the potential ways in which innovation can be integrated into the teams…
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Water cooler Innovation and Technology (MMBA - 6540 - 1)
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15 September Watercooler Innovation and Technology Innovation and creativity are thekeywords using which companies sell their products owing to the ever-growing interest of the consumers in trying something new and unique. The Watercooler article discusses the potential ways in which innovation can be integrated into the teams working in an organization. Innovation can be achieved with determination and dedication at all levels in the organizational structure. Everybody has to start from home, and do the needful to create the conditions that allow the innovation to blossom in the organization. Innovation comes with ownership, creation of the correct conditions, recruitment of innovative workforce, and development of processes and culture that support innovation. I particularly like this article because of its depiction of signs of an innovative leader and his/her importance in making the organizational culture innovative. The author has supported the claims in the article with practical examples e.g. Steve Jobs asking the Why and What if questions and Apple employees following him in the same direction, thus depicting the organization’s innovative culture. None of the four philosophies proposed by the author can be developed unless innovation is taken seriously by every member of the organization. Innovation requires everybody’s participation. It is not just the Research and Development (R&D) job. A good idea could arise from the most unexpected source, so nobody should be underestimated in his/her creative thinking ability. Initially some failures may be encountered, but they guide the company towards the success. Overall, the article is very informative and allows a quick insight into the fundamentals of innovation and its principles. Read More
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