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Raze-Raise - Essay Example

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However, historically the gallery was a church and was converted in 1973 to a gallery as stated by Emanuel (1). Recently, Jeff page, a Denver native has been holding a fourteen piece exhibit which was showing since…
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Extract of sample "Raze-Raise"

Raze Raise The Emmanuel gallery has been mistaken by many for church. However, historically the gallery was a church and was converted in 1973 to a gallery as stated by Emanuel (1). Recently, Jeff page, a Denver native has been holding a fourteen piece exhibit which was showing since August 2nd all through to September 6th. Page’s work in raze-raise symbolizes the gay male subculture of Denver. Most of the pieces in the work are made of human hair, latex and pelts.
The major attraction of this piece of art is the Raze, the roof piece that is based on the middle of the gallery. This structure made of human hair, acrylic, wood and latex rubber gives the viewer the opportunity to create individual meaning. Hen one stands close to this piece of art, there are sound bites coming from the loop. Page was able to record the imaginative process when making the exhibit. Page also recorded sounds from different gay night clubs found in Denver. The recording reverberates throughout the gallery producing an ambience of loneliness in a crowd.
The blend of art, destiny and subject combination in the raze raise piece of art attracts a feeling that it is not easy to replicate. A real photograph explains everything from its appearance though it also needs some written explanation. Jeff Page was born in Denver and acquired his BFA in Interdisciplinary studies from the San Fransisco Art Institute. Page’s art work creation revolves around sculptural mixed media work and 2DD, according to Hamel (1). His works are created using collage, watercolor, acrylic and different eccentric materials. One of the reasons behind his success in art is the ability to braid concepts, material and intuition together. His areas of interest just as depicted in raze raise include the body, nature, psychology and gender.
The terms raze and raise are both antonyms and homophones, meaning words opposite in meaning and yet pronounced similarly. Page’s work, including raze and raise usually center on the twofold bonding and differences especially between nature and human body. He normally explores his ideas using experimental procedure of creating unrelated materials frequently sticking them together and then tearing them separately. This procedure physically and visually unites the two materials thus generating a unified “skin.”
For raze raise art exhibition, Page gathered audio from queer settings, pieces of wood, redundant hair, a chain of poured latex skins, boards to form a structure, a chain of pelts, mass of beards ,and pulses of sound. All these, according to him, together represent a feeling of transcendence and a sight in the Raze and the Raise of gay male subculture. According to Rinaldi (1), Page’s raze-raise art work reflects how all men view each other, these comprises men who want to walk in other men’s shoes. By combining media and turning his pelts into specimens, he compels us to consider the basics that make up our external shells as a mixture of identical and natural parts instead of singular options.
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Raze-Raise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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