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Enviromental science - Essay Example

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He is well-known for presenting the nine “life series” which is based on the survey conducted on all life on the planet. He has…
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Enviromental science
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Extract of sample "Enviromental science"

Environmental Science” “How many people can live on planet earth” is a documentary made by David Attenborough including many based on the natural habitats and earth. He is well-known for presenting the nine “life series” which is based on the survey conducted on all life on the planet. He has been the voice many other presentations, he is also a former senior manager at BBC. Attenborough is widely known as “a national treasure” in Britain; in 2002 he was named among the 100 greatest Britons.
in this documentary David Attenborough has addressed to the major social, environmental, economical and natural problem, over-population and its impact on earth and its natural habitats. Over-population is one of the majors for most of the problems being faced in the world. Population increases with 1.5 people per second around the world, therefore in an hour it increases at the rate of. If we go on to ignoring these statistics and the problems they are creating it is only increasing the human suffering. We human beings are capable of doing many things and so we have accumulated the data of every person who ever lived on earth and it is safely kept in the US. The UN not only preserves the data but it also helps predict the future and these predictions are astounding. It is possible that the total population will increase with the 3.1 billion people till the middle of this century making it 9 billion; we have 6.8 billion people today and it is expected to increase up to 7 billion within the coming 4-5 years this is the most startling fact mentioned in the movie. It means that in 50 years the earth will need to accommodate up to 3 billion more people.
Within the next 50 years the people will suffer no matter where they are or how they live. When there is abundance of food, water and right availability of material for shelter, the population thrives and succeeds. But when there is scarcity of the most basic necessities, the world comes under depression. Humans and resources have a very close relationship; the food production cannot increase as fast as the human reproduction can. Therefore, the demand will gradually exceed the supply; if the human population is not controlled at once the life would end miserably. The green revolution was not harmful in fact it was more effective in producing food in abundance through modern farming methods. It helped many countries become self-sufficient in food and alleviate hunger in the world.
Out of 70% of water present in the world only 1 % is being provided to the people living in it and the rest is being used to production of food and other necessities of life. About a billion of people already have no excess to fresh water for necessities and the number is only going to increase over time. In order to help ourselves what we can do is that we educate people about the current problems and our bleak future. We need to understand that over-population is the major problem and it needs to be controlled promptly. Because these issues will greatly affect our coming generations, they will be left with little resources and very little water. Therefore it is important that population must be controlled through government not through power, but through proper education where people should be informed about contraception.
Understanding our needs and natural world is very important for every person living on this earth, because we depend on it for our food and water supply. It is like a relationship which has become very delicate as we keep growing in majority. Before as we keep growing in numbers our demand keeps increasing, which is why it is crucial for us to use our resources in a much wiser way. We have to avoid wasting, we have to stop destroying our forests and we have to stop dumping our chemical wastes in the oceans because it’s a chain of life that is being damaged. Because these factors will help decide how many people will live on earth?
How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth?New York, N.Y: Films Media Group, 2010. Internet resource. Read More
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