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A person who influenced my life - Essay Example

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Physically bigger and stronger than even my dad, Chris was good at almost everything, in high school; he was the school’s football team and was…
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A person who influenced my life
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Download file to see previous pages While it could have been said he cast too big a shadow for me something that is said to impact negatively on second and third born children, I did not mind, as he was my role model in all fields. I idolized him so much, everything he did no matter how minor it appeared important to me. Since he was an avid reader, I would go to his room and sometimes find him busily reading a novel. He would pull out a book for me, I would sit on the floor, and we would quietly study for hours and on. This way, I developed a reading culture that has been very beneficial in my academics, that has brought me much success in my life and profession. As I grew up, I came to depend on him for advice in many issues, and he has never disappointed and always gave me sound and objective advice while not trying to decide for me but helping me decide by showing me the right ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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