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What counts as knowledge in the arts Discuss by comparing to one other area of knowledge - Essay Example

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Today many questions require different analogies, not because one is right or another is wrong. They do so because all the questions can be attained through…
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What counts as knowledge in the arts Discuss by comparing to one other area of knowledge
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Extract of sample "What counts as knowledge in the arts Discuss by comparing to one other area of knowledge"

Download file to see previous pages Some of the theories and principles enable thinkers to reflect on what they consider their sources of knowledge. When it comes to arts, and other disciplines, say science, people have to consider and differentiate what they know, from the facts that exist. This paper will review what counts as knowledge in the arts, and compare it to another field of knowledge.
In math, for example, the use of statistical data and quantitative instruments can determine what an individual requires to make knowledgeable claims. It is a manner in which human sciences are valued in present times, and as such, relies heavily on true, relevant data. In the arts, there is a difference in how information is interpreted by the user, and how it reflects as part of acquisition of knowledge (Leavy 84). For the arts, it is simply a matter of dealing with what people envision, and how relevant it is from the time it came into being, to the present time.
Art is science. This is what many people may argue. For instance, historical information requires the collection of data through science. However, one begs the question; can the information collected or acquired be termed as knowledge? What does the information help an individual achieve in the long run? Some of these questions can bring out the true nature of what in science lies hidden in the art (Leavy 86). There is the underlying fact that people who look for knowledge do so through experiences throughout their lives. They could be positive or negative, and how one chooses to interpret them makes them knowledgeable on some issues.
Basic science has reduced the world to a number of theories. There are ways in which information displayed. It can influence the deduction of many aspects of life that one did not know existed. Matter, for example, is an area that has many people confused. Science is supposed to act as a tool of communication in which people can understand the basic elements of their lives. It should be, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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