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Define the roles and application of management functions used by today's healthcare managers - Research Paper Example

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Therefore, it is critical for the healthcare sector to have competent managers who are able to steer the industry to the pinnacle of better service (Liebler & McConnell,…
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Define the roles and application of management functions used by todays healthcare managers
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Extract of sample "Define the roles and application of management functions used by today's healthcare managers"

Management Functions Task: Management Functions Healthcare management is a fundamental field because it caters for patients and hence enhances good health. Therefore, it is critical for the healthcare sector to have competent managers who are able to steer the industry to the pinnacle of better service (Liebler & McConnell, 2011). This begins by setting goals to be met within a given time span.
Therefore, there are several functions of management in the health care setting. For example, it is involved with planning that encompasses goal setting. On that note, it not only sets the goals of the information of in-home patients but also ensures each patient has received proper health care. Additionally, management organizes available resources that are essential in the provision of better health care (McConnell, 2006). Alternatively, there is the aspect of leading in making major decisions that affect both the staff and the patients in the health care sector. In other words, the management also pays a fundamental role of manipulating the behavior of the people.
There are numerous ways in which the aforementioned functions apply to managing others. For example, planning helps the staff in setting priorities within a given time frame. These priorities help in meeting the set goals and objectives for the benefit of both the patients and staff. Additionally, in terms of organization, the functions enable the workers to work in teams for the benefit of completing several tasks at once (Seth, 2010). On other hand, in leading in decisions, the function is critical to motivate workers who are less productive in the company. Furthermore, it helps in the supervision of the workers during work to attain the expected goals.
Similarly, it is imperative to observe that there are different roles of a health care manager and leader in the diversified health care industry. However, the most important function involves the organization of activities. This suggests that there is an organization of the planning and scheduling of goals in order to achieve desirable goals and objectives (McConnell, 2006). Organization also enables the manager to evaluate the performance of the both the workers and the progress of the home patients. This is through consultations and discussions that incorporate feedback and rapid response from the management.
On that account, the most significant aspect related to health care management that I would gain by taking this class is the roles of organization and planning (Liebler & McConnell, 2011). This is because both roles work in harmony toward meeting the set goals of the management. Additionally, it suggests that while organization is important especially in scheduling of tasks in the health care sector, planning is also equally crucial to meet deadlines. Furthermore, health care management is critical in terms of service to humanity and restoring lives. This is more touching if the person in charge is a healthcare manager with diverse knowledge in the field.
Therefore, healthcare managers should continue to dispense their managerial skills with the aim of transforming the healthcare sector and that of humanity (Seth, 2010). Additionally, the sector should use technology in conducting its activities in order to make some roles and responsibilities easy to attain on time.
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Define the Roles and Application of Management Functions Used by Research Paper.
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