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Safety Inspection Report - Book Report/Review Example

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A worksite analysis was undertaken at a home improvement warehouse located in Tennessee, including self-inspections on a range of health and safety issues from the warehouse’s evacuation plan to processes involved in receiving and processing. A large number of items were…
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Safety Inspection Report
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Download file to see previous pages In the same room, the emergency numbers were posted next to a telephone, where a bound notebook containing the MSDS. In addition, the OSHA form 300 was posted within the training room, as well as a notice of the number of days that have passed without an employee accident. Finally, there were a total of eleven exit signs posted visibly throughout the warehouse.
Recordkeeping. This was the second aspect of the checklist. For the organization all information about illness and occupational injuries was recorded and these records were kept within the Manager’s office. Information was also stored on the medical records of employees and an updated record of any exposure to hazardous substances. This information was in line with the current standards for OSHA and kept updated. The warehouse required employees to complete specific training on a monthly basis, with objectives that needed to be completed by the end of the month. All documentation and records were stored on the computer hard disks and on file. Additionally, backup disks were kept of all information. Correct records and permits were kept for all equipment within the warehouse, and this information was also stored in the manager’s office.
Health and Safety Program. The business has people whose role is to provide employees with information about hazards for health and safety. The group responsible for this is known as the In-Focus team, meets weekly and contains team members as well as a team leader.
OSHA Handbook for Small Businesses. This is the next part of the checklist. The worksite which was examined has a Human Resource Department (HRD), which is responsible for dealing with all complaints from employees regarding health and safety. Advice is given to employees on a daily basis, and there are incentives present for those in the organization who are effective at reducing the prevalence of injury and illness within the workplace. Drawings take place to achieve this on a daily ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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