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The most recent conflict in this line involves Apple, Inc. and Samsung. Apple sued Samsung in South Korea, claiming that Samsung…
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Ethics class
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Ethics Companies in the telecommunications industry often engage in conflicts that relateto product differentiation in the various markets they operate in. The most recent conflict in this line involves Apple, Inc. and Samsung. Apple sued Samsung in South Korea, claiming that Samsung had imitated some of its iPhone 4 features in the development of its Samsung Galaxy III. The problem in this case revolves around patent rights and the right of creativity and innovativeness in product design and development. The arising issue is based on business ethics of competition. The accepted standards of business operations safeguard the interests of companies, and violation of these standards constitutes unethical practices (Jennings 319). The emerging concern is whether Samsung has engaged in unethical business practices, or whether Apple is making false allegations against Samsung.
Apple operates in the telecommunications industry with other numerous companies. The environment is competitive, guided by technology advancement, creativity, and innovativeness in developing products for the diverse world markets (Jennings 383). The situation that Apple is in following the allegations against Samsung is based on its product design technology and the numerous patents that it holds. The question is: Is Apple right or using false allegations to capture market attention? This has resulted in an ethical dilemma, especially after a South Korean court ruling in favor of Samsung. In this respect, a number of options emerge. These are: Apple’s allegations could have been right, Samsung could have actually imitated Apple’s products, or both companies could have engaged in unethical business practices in their line of operations and competition. The position of Apple in the matter constitutes an ethical dilemma.
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