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HSIE - Essay Example

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In addition, I also attended group meetings and I sent messages to members via mobile phone SMS text messages and calls. In this assessment, I was also able to…
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Extract of sample "HSIE"

Reflection for HSIE The topic that was chosen was Indigenous Australians. The field trip was accomplished on the 10th of August and took place at the Australian Museum.
My experience during the field trip included note-taking on what I was able to see and observe during the field trip. In addition, I also attended group meetings and I sent messages to members via mobile phone SMS text messages and calls. In this assessment, I was also able to experience and participate in the making of the power point presentation. Activities involved in the activity included the following: designing the layout of the presentation, its animation, and photos; and placing the information that the other group members wrote and researched in the presentation. All in all, I assisted in putting the power point presentation into a coherent group presentation. In addition, my role was to do complete the dot point that stated the task to ‘provide a brief suggestion for how this topic would be implemented in a classroom context’. This required research and the development of ideas on how the topic of Indigenous Australians could be implemented and integrated into the classroom setting.
The experience in this group field visit work was, all in all, a positive experience. A primary reason is that, the experience allowed me to develop my negotiation skills, especially as group works often require members to negotiate with each other. Through the visit, as a student, I was able to gain hands-on experience and better understanding of indigenous Australians. More specifically, it allowed me to understand deeply the Indigenous Australians culture and lifestyle, especially where the resources for their daily lives were shown.
The most significant professional and pedagogical learning that I have gained from the group field work is on the knowledge I was able to gain about this unique group of people. In other words, I was able to see what the Indigenous Australians’ way of life was. It allowed me to gain knowledge on their creation. For instance, I was able to see how the woven baskets they used served multiple purposes – in carrying their food and in some instances, their babies. Also, the most significant learning from the group was that due to each member’s research and information gathering, I was able to gain a functional understanding of the different equipment they used to survive, for instance, the New South Wales shield. In addition, my experience allowed me to also gain information on how the Indigenous Australians were influenced by the Europeans. This was clearly apparent on the items seen in the Australian Museum, including the shield (Australian Museum, 2012). In addition, the most significant learning from the topic was the presentation itself, as it allowed me to gain knowledge on the preparation of power point presentations.
There may be an issue and implication which I may need to address as a beginning teacher, especially if I was to implement HSIE topics, as well as powerful teaching and learning in the classroom. This issue and implication includes wide and accurate knowledge of the exact topic I would teach to my students.
In conclusion, the experience was worthwhile as many aspects of teaching and knowledge were experienced. Hence, overall knowledge was gained on the Indigenous Australians and teaching experiences.
Australian Museum (2012). Indigenous Australians-stage 2 teacher notes. Retrieved from Read More
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HSIE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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