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Climate Change and Increased Terrorist Threat Impact Costs of Managing Disasters and The Economy - Essay Example

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However, global warming, according to researchers, will have far-reaching impacts on the planet. Global warming modifies rainfall patterns, prolongs the growing season in some regions,…
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Climate Change and Increased Terrorist Threat Impact Costs of Managing Disasters and The Economy
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Extract of sample "Climate Change and Increased Terrorist Threat Impact Costs of Managing Disasters and The Economy"

Climate Change and Terrorism Climate Change and Terrorism The effect of increased surface temperatures is a considerably serious matter in itself. However, global warming, according to researchers, will have far-reaching impacts on the planet. Global warming modifies rainfall patterns, prolongs the growing season in some regions, amplifies coastal erosion, melts glaciers and ice caps and alters the ranges of a number of infectious diseases. Also, the globe is changing in reflective ways due to global warming (FEMA, 2012). These modifications will significantly change how the emergency management will carry out its tasks. This is because they will need collaborative and creative actions to deal with the increased terrorist activities. Both climate change and increased terrorist activities will have an impact on the cost of managing disasters, as well as the economy. This paper will talk about how the two factors will affect the economy.
Owing to the increase in temperature along the coastal region, it is evident that the rising sea levels are affecting the economy. This is because the sea levels have brought about significant calamities that have caused governments to pour funds in to assist those who are affected. Such calamites are for instance Tsunamis and Hurricanes (FEMA, 2012). Also, climate change is affecting substantial water sources that are used by humans in their daily needs. Global warming causes the rise sea levels and this will obviously eat up on the economy as the government tries to rectify this matter. Human health is being affected in the sense that the rising temperatures are not conversant with the human temperature (Chandler, 2010). High temperatures bring about diseases such as cancer and hence funds are being diverted to medical treatment instead of improving the economy. Climate change has also brought about issues such as forest fire that require a lot of resources to stop (Earth Observatory, 2011). This eventually eats up on the economy as expected.
Climate changes have been worsened by the aging infrastructures, as well as the increasing urban populations, since these areas are normally industrious regions of a country (FEMA, 2012). These infrastructures’ and individuals’ actions bring about global warming mostly due to petrol burning. Individuals are also experiencing mass migration, severe diseases along with increased conflict as they escape areas of high climate. This affects the cost of disaster management and eventually the economy of a country (FEMA, 2012).
With regards to terrorism, dispersion of scientific as well as technological knowledge will enhance terrorists’ access to high consequence weapons such as nanotechnology, biotechnology and nuclear weapons. This will, for sure, lead to increased disasters and the cost of disaster management and eventually it will affect the economy of a country (Chandler, 2010). Terrorists have become more adaptive than in the past. They are constantly learning and enhancing their tactics and techniques of carrying out their actions. Terrorists’ actions are more severe than in the past. This has made their actions more brutal as compared to the past (FEMA, 2012). Hence, managing the actions is expensive and it affects the economy. Also, recently, there is an increase in self-radicalization of persons along with small groups that perform terrorist activities (FEMA, 2012). For instance, the 2005 London attacks were performed by this group. They also cause significant disasters that affect the economy owing to disaster management since they affect lives. Finally, communication technologies also support terrorist messaging in that terrorists are able to pass on their message without being located. This has made fighting terrorism a hard task that has consumed the funds of a country, which could be used to enhance the country (FEMA, 2012).
In conclusion, climate change and terrorist activities have brought about significant disasters to both the environment and humanity. This has made governments pour in a lot of funds to fight these factors that have impacted the cost of managing disasters and eventually the economy.
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