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The Role Of Morality In Society - Essay Example

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Theories are used while trying to understand the study on morality in society. But people are likely to come up to a general conclusion on what perhaps ought to be done to arrive at certain solutions while still living in unison with each other…
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The Role Of Morality In Society
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Download file to see previous pages Among the theories used include normative or rather ethical theories while deciding on how an action is likely to implicate a society such as utilitarianism. This refers to the application of reasoning while taking use of the senses. One thus makes his own judgment based on how he’s likely to benefit from his action. Some may however be driven by greed thus implying their action may never replicate positivity to the society. The society however has its own view owing to believe that actions done ought to as well be meaningful to the wider society (Gray, 2010). Discrimination is thus rarely championed during its application. Philosophers however tried to justify their own ideologies regarding this issue rarely agreeing at some point. One would agree with this point moral decision made rarely equated or rather meant the action implemented was right. Thus the outcome realized mattered as it too had the ability to signify its intensity whether it was of merit. A lot can be derived from this theory; owing to its ability to bar men from resulting to, bad tendencies such as killing, stealing and other evil. In order to curb the vice leaders ought to be courageous while educating people on their rightful place in society on their rite thus acting as a form of empowerment. While doing so any activity likely to harm their well being is discouraged and could be useful when cautioning societies from practicing immoral behavior rarely adding value to the society (Gert, 1988). Aristotelian Ethical Virtues A cording to Aristotelian ethical virtues was likely to be made up of two distinct parts. In one of his perception he argued that the ultimate thing was to attain happiness at an individual level. This thus compelled people to embrace good behavior likely to lead to its materialization. One however needed to keep observing certain habits. People’s attitudes were also likely to dictate their behavior. During certain situations some are likely to be compelled to act differently than it could be the norm; while experiencing peace it’s unlikely to see a nation result to attacking another but could be compelled in a situation of war. Such an action is simply due to the need for security. His perception was however limited now that it rarely had the big picture of the other population in mind; rather it was based on self gratification thus leading to selfishness now that their interest were never captured (Nussbaum, 1987). Pleasure was central in his light but rarely does it add value to life owing to the plight of pleasure lovers at times dying poor while pursuing their ambition. Rules were thus rarely used while arriving at morally accepted norms when such a theory is applied. He however also spearheaded a notion on the importance of balance which in this case avoided extremes thus making it a general rule. Unrelenting effort demonstrated by players while striving at development have aided in bringing about a transformation. As a result amenities are set and given a high priority while the solo aim is to ensure value addition to the surrounding communities some of which may have been disadvantaged. Factors leading to such development could be due to there being little resources yet they too ought to be well managed to facilitate a transformation. This calls for both government and the private sector cooperation while coming up with formidable policies to aid in attaining such an objective. While may be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Role Of Morality In Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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