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Historically, there have been little efforts or coordination across a series of settings, treatments, and healthcare provision for persons suffering from chronic illnesses. Notably, treatments provided for these patients or chronic diseases are usually complicated and tasking;…
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, they must agree or make arrangements on to take care and supporting Joe while he is in a different physical location and state of health. These adjustments shall strain the family financially considering that Joe and the wife had retired two years ago. The autonomy needed for this case shall call for strong advocacy from all the involved parties so that both Joe and the family shall be accorded both emotional and final support they needed during this period.
Chronic diseases are becoming part of the contemporary society; therefore, the society has introduced chronic care management. The chronic care management involves numerous education and oversight activities (Livius and Weichberger, 1932). These activities have been initiated within the health care professions to help improve the lives of persons suffering from chronic diseases and conditions. Some of the initiatives aim at motivating patients especially by directing them to seek necessary interventions and therapies towards achieving reasonable life or improve lifestyle as they wait to die. In most cases, multiple chronic diseases often coexist; thus, it is advisable for a chronic patient never to seek for fragment health care.
Moreover, a patient, as Joe suspected for given chronic condition or illness must seek a proper and elaborate therapies and interventions for such medical conditions (Livius and Weichberger, 1932). Despite the introduction of medical care systems and policies of handling chronic diseases, such services are still too expensive for everyone to afford. However, the political leaderships are introducing health care laws that aim at making such treatment to all citizens. With these bills in place, people like Joe who have financial constrain will have some financial relief towards managing their medical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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