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Cities have the right to ban smoking in public - Essay Example

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Similarly, the support of the public in effecting this ban is paramount in order to win the war against tar and nicotine infection and heart attacks to…
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Cities have the right to ban smoking in public
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Extract of sample "Cities have the right to ban smoking in public"

Download file to see previous pages All cities around the world have a right to ban smoking in order to safeguard the health of its masses. On that note, it is going to follow the five steps of persuasion that entails the establishment of credibility, acknowledging the audience’s position, constructing a rationale, transplanting root elements, and seeking for a response (Lakhani, 2005). For instance, in the establishment of credibility, it is significant to observe that smoking causes health problems both to the active and passive smoker. Experts note that out of the 4000 chemical compounds that are found in cigarettes, 400 are noxious substances and cause various diseases and health risks. Similarly, the tar contained in all cigarettes causes both lung and mouth cancer. Additionally, addictive nicotine raises the cholesterol levels in a human body.
Apart from the harmful effects of tar and nicotine, there is carbon monoxide that depletes the oxygen levels in the body. Another fundamental factor why banning of smoking in the cities is paramount is it reduce risks to non-smokers. These are the people also called the passive smokers. It is said that passive smokers are more exposed to the harmful effects of smoking than the active smokers (Haneline & Meeker, 2010). They, for instance, are prone to asthmatic attacks and the infections of the bronchia. Alternatively, according to Action on Smoking and Health group, the risk of heart attack increases for non-smokers if they are exposed to 30 minutes of smoking. On the same account, in a BBC News report released in 2002, many people in London succumbed to heart disease because of secondhand smoke.
Therefore, despite the doubts that the audience may harbor against the banning of smoking in the cities around the world, there are other valid reasons. For example, my rationale construction postulation states that the ban of smoking will have many positive effects. This means that there will be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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