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Consumer Behavior Analysis - Essay Example

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The product line includes oil-free face wash, hair styling gel, anti-dandruff shampoo and sunscreen for men’s skin. For a large first-world market such as US, the…
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Consumer Behavior Analysis
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Extract of sample "Consumer Behavior Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages The first and foremost thing, of course, is to do market fragmentation; it is a necessary early step while making a marketing plan. To know who the product is for is probably the most important factor to determine before any anything. Another vital factor is to develop the need recognition of the product in the customers’ eye. It is the psychology of humans to recognize something as ‘need’ or ‘want’ before a purchase. Even if it is a ‘want’, the desire to experience it in order to feel better is often subconsciously camouflaged as a ‘need’ as well. This is also referred to as customer’s value perception of the product. (Kotler, P., & Armstrong, G., 1991). Hence, the products should be marketed in a way that the consumers can recognize and acknowledge the need of those items for themselves.
It is important to identify what benefit and value are the customers deriving from the products vis-à-vis what the products are offering. For the advertising campaign of the product line, the main proposition can be protection against the harshness of outdoor lifestyle. This proposition creates much value for males considering a common man’s outdoor routine and sun and dust exposure to the skin. Since the product line is only chosen for men, the marketing strategy needs to revolve around the lifestyle of men. This means that the outdoor roughness and rugged routines for men need to be utilized as key factors during marketing. Moreover, the target market of the personal care product line is bracketed for young males who are aged from 18-35. Considering these factors as framework, it is important to distribute focus on each product according to their specific offerings. For instance, the hair-styling gel needs to address its firm nature, wet look, allowing young males to use the gel for any hairstyle - from causal to formal. The face wash and shampoo will address their own offerings, while staying in the same age group of 18-35, along with a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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