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Writing evaluation - Research Paper Example

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The article “The experience of living with a chronic illness during adolescence: a critical review of the literature” was written by three people, Rachel Taylor, a doctoral student, Faith Gibson, a lecturer, and Linda Franck, a professor. All authors are affiliated with…
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Writing evaluation
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Prewriting What is the article’s thesis? The think that they can look at existing research on chronic illnesses to arrive at suggestions fornurses treating young people with those illnesses.
Who are the authors? Rachel Taylor, a doctoral student, Faith Gibson, a lecturer, and Linda Franck, a professor. They are all also nurses and have PhDs.
What do they claim? That not enough research has been been done comprehensively on young people with chronic illnesses, and so nurses may not be helping people the best way possible.
What do they do to back it up? They provide a lot of tables and charts from existing research, and explain how that research was carried out to put it into perspective.
Is the writing clear? Yes, it made sense and was well-written but also scholarly.
Do the paragraphs follow properly? Yes, the study is well organized and makes sense.
Were there enough references? There were a lot, however they were all from a recent period which may not be best with a literature review like this.
Did the review make sense? Yes, the conclusions they reached seem sensible given their findings.
Was there a conclusion beyond just saying what people had written about? Yes, the authors ended with some advice to nurses on how they could help young patients with chronic illnesses.
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Review of “The experience of living with a chronic illness
during adolescence: a critical review of the literature.”
The article “The experience of living with a chronic illness during adolescence: a critical review of the literature” was written by three people, Rachel Taylor, a doctoral student, Faith Gibson, a lecturer, and Linda Franck, a professor. All authors are affiliated with schools and hospitals in London, and all hold PhDs as well as being practicing nurses. The article was published in Journal of Clinical Nursing in February of 2008. Its thesis was that nurses need to focus more on patients as human beings when treating them than focus on the specific illness that they report. Overall, this article was clear and well-written, and laid out in a way that made sense, but it could have been a little more in-depth than it was in its research of previous articles.
Generally speaking, the article was written at a level that made it fairly easy to understand, but which did not try to dumb things down. The authors use scholarly language, but try to be clear and most of the time they succeed. The article is also laid out well, and a lot of its data is presented in tables which make it easier to understand. The authors also use lists sometimes to make their case, as in their introduction. In this case, they set up the outline of the entire article by describing exactly what they will cover and in what order.
The article does cover a lot of ground, with almost thirty articles used in the references section as expected of a literature review. While all of these articles did come from established journals so far as I could tell, I think the study might have been improved by looking at articles written over a slightly longer period of time. All of the articles were written between 1990 and 2007 (Taylor, Gibson, & Franck 3084). While that might usually be a good thing for nursing articles, in the case of a literature review it seems like the article will provide a narrow view of the literature as a result. More articles from earlier periods could have shown changes in how people are treated that might help nurses in treating young people with chronic illnesses.
Despite the possible problem with the method the authors use, their article is quite good. They use language in a clear and convincing way, and organize their points well. Also, the review of existing literature is thorough, at least in terms of describing the articles used. However, I do still think the authors could have changed their work for the better if they had used a wider range of articles. Overall, though, the authors present a convincing, well-written case to support their thesis with data from existing journal articles and studies.
Taylor, R. M., Gibson, F., & Franck, L. S. (2008). The experience of living with a chronic illness during adolescence: a critical review of the literature. Journal Of Clinical Nursing, 17(23), 3083-3091. Read More
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Writing Evaluation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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