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In support of the legalization of marijuana for medical use - Essay Example

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Despite of its prohibition, the drug use has decrease minimally as many have identified its medical benefits. Over the past decades, cities and states have…
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In support of the legalization of marijuana for medical use
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Extract of sample "In support of the legalization of marijuana for medical use"

Download file to see previous pages Medically, the drug has been effectual in treating various diseases as discussed by Jocelyn Elders, the former U.S surgeon in her article, Myths about Medical Marijuana 2004. Still, this research is affirmed by Mathre (8) who in his article outline how the drug kindle appetite and lessen cachexia, alleviate vomiting and nausea linked with cancer chemotherapy, reduce intraocular pressure, and treat analgesia and neurological along with movement disorders. Unlike many drugs prescribed in the market, marijuana does not cause a terminal overdose. No one dies out of overdose due to its therapeutic applications such as decrease of spasms, muscles, chronic pain, and intraocular heaviness. Still, the CDC does not have a category of death by marijuana unlike other drugs approved by the FDA. Deaths have been noted as a result of legal drugs despite having the FDA approval. Although there are perilous effects of smoking marijuana, it has been approved medically to treat some ailments. This paper seeks to discuss all these issues in detail in support of the legalization of marijuana for medical use.
Joycelyn Elders (1) highlights the medical benefits of using marijuana. Her insights are awesome on how the drug relieves pains, reduces vomiting along with other symptoms of chronic diseases. Marijuana does this safely as it is less toxic than other drugs prescribed by physicians. Joycelyn focused her argument on the medical benefits of using the drug in which she believed that it improves the overall quality of patient’s life. From her argument, marijuana is best known to reduce neuropathic or chronic pain. The effect is important to HIV patients who often suffer from such pain and the drug becomes effective in pain reduction. Secondly, marijuana is beneficial in increasing appetite as it stimulates the body’s metabolism. The drug is effectual in reducing the symptoms of chronic diseases such as HIV and cancer as patients lack ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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In Support of the Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Use Essay.
“In Support of the Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Use Essay”, n.d.
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At first, I thought 5 of pages is too much for such a subject. But now I see it could not be done smarter. As the author starts you see the complexity of the subject. I’ve read all at once. Great research

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Legalization of Medical Marijuana in United States in these states. Methodology: For the current paper I used the approach of reviewing some published newspaper articles regarding the legalization of medical use of marijuana. Some online articles and research documents were also studied to get an insight of the beneficial and harmful effects of the plant. The approach of the government and the legal authorities is reviewed from these articles. Medical journal articles are also a good source for the study. The papers selected were focused on the medical use of marijuana only and not on its...
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Legalization of Marijuana for medical use (persuasive research paper ) the government coming from taxes; and of course the possibility to use marijuana for medical purposes. (Levinson 2003, np) Although the idea of de-criminalization of marijuana is quite widely supported here in the USA (even on the part of certain official bodies, such as Presidential Commission on Marijuana), merely de-criminalization is not enough as it results in the emergence of illegal marijuana market in the country. Consequently, the ideal solution of this problem looms to be full legalization, under which marijuana could be legally sold and taxed, therefore...
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