My Educational goals and why I would like to participate in the TSA Associates program - Essay Example

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Getting an opportunity to participate in the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will be essential since it will give me a chance to advance my education in addition to being able to develop my career in homeland security. My main intention of wanting to enroll in the…
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My Educational goals and why I would like to participate in the TSA Associates program
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"My Educational goals and why I would like to participate in the TSA Associates program"

Download file to see previous pages This would give me an opportunity attain new skills, knowledge, and tools and be in a position to improve my skills in customer service.
I have always wanted to pursue a degree in higher education, and I believe that enrolling in TSA will be a step towards achieving my dream. Enrolling in TSA will offer me an opportunity to take classes while working for TSA at the same time. Being part of a dynamic security team has enabled me to contribute in protecting our airports. However, I believe that I need more skills to make me more efficient in my duties.
I would wish to enroll in all the three of the classes offered in the TSA Associate Program, which include Introduction to Homeland Security, Intelligence Analysis, and Transportation and Border Security. Getting an opportunity to enroll and complete the TSA Associate program will enable me attain an Associate degree in homeland security later, receive a TSA Certificate of Completion in addition to an Academic Certificate from the Institute of Higher Education. Attaining more education through the TSA Associate program will make me a better candidate for future positions in TSA. I believe that getting this opportunity and attending TSA Associates Program will offer me appropriate educational foundation that I require to perform better in my current position within TSA and achieve more in both my academic and personal goals.
I understand that I need to have excellent communication skills to be able to get this opportunity since apposite communication skill are crucial thus I have already completed my Complete Foundations of Grammar SkillSoft course in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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