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Issues in the criminal justice system: capital punishment - Essay Example

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However, not all crimes result in capital punishment. This implies that only certain crimes may result in the application of capital…
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Issues in the criminal justice system: capital punishment
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Extract of sample "Issues in the criminal justice system: capital punishment"

Download file to see previous pages However, the passing of time has resulted in the adoption of modern processes of execution. Therefore, this mode of punishment of criminals has been practiced by numerous nations for centuries. Consequently, the mode of punishment has elicited varied reactions from the society. Whereas some people are in favor of the capital punishment, others are extremely against this practice. Consequently, there exists a controversy in the adoption and execution of capital punishment. This controversy varies with regions. In addition, the controversy is also fueled by various political ideologies, religions and cultural beliefs (Gaie 32).
Consequently, according to the UN website there have been increased calls for the abolition of capital punishment. These calls have partly been spearheaded by the UN through its forums on global moratorium on executions. Therefore, this has led to the abolition of the practice in some states. However, according to Amnesty International, majority of the world’s population is still under the influence of capital punishment. This is owed to the fact that the most populous nations in the world still embrace capital punishment. These countries include USA, China, India and Indonesia. Thus, most of these nations have been vehemently involved in the propagation of capital punishment. As a result, serious concerns have also been raised concerning the use of capital punishment.
As mentioned earlier, there is immense controversy surrounding the use of capital punishment. This implies that whereas certain people support it, other factions are vehemently opposed to the practice. Those in favor of capital punishment argue that it reduces crime rates. In addition, they also argue that capital punishment provides the police with an effective bargaining tool while arresting suspects of capital crimes. This implies that the police may use the threat of capital punishment to intimidate offenders into ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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