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Control abandoned dogs and cats by student - Essay Example

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The population of neglected cats and dogs in USA is increasing at an alarming rate, because students today are not well educated of how to take care of their pets. They have no idea of how the population of the stray animals is increasing which can be a health hazard to the…
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Control abandoned dogs and cats by student
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Extract of sample "Control abandoned dogs and cats by student"

Download file to see previous pages This has raised eyebrows on what to do with this increasing number of stray animals in the USA.
There is the need to educate people on how to handle their animals so as to reduce the population of dogs and cats which eventually becomes unwanted. There is also the need of having laws that condemn cruelty of animals and ways of ensuring that every cat and dog is well taken care of by having vets check on the regularly (Calum N. L. MacPherson page 5). Students should be advised on the benefits of having dogs and cats, how to take care of them, what is required of them from time to time to ensure that the animals are well protected. They should also be informed of the difficulties of owning an animal and what to do if they cannot keep up with the pressure of keeping the same. This will reduce stray animals in the streets as all measures will be taken if the students are well informed.
The main problem that is causing stray dogs and cats to increase rapidly in USA is that they do not know that animals need as much attention as human beings. They have no idea that owning an animal requires extra source of income or having to do away with some things to be able to take care of the animals (Office of Technology Assessment page 320). There will be need to squeeze in extra time for the dog or the cat and that’s why it reaches a point where they have to let go the animals if they cannot handle the stress they bring along. There is also the problem of a family being able to take care of one animal but later on the gives birth, and there are more animals where there are forced to let go the extra burden and the easiest place to send animals is the streets.
People should be educated on ways of controlling animal’s births and the importance of the same. This can be through neutering and spaying the animals after giving birth to number of off springs the owner can manage without abandoning the cats or the dogs to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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