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Young Black Men Fallen By The Wayside - Research Paper Example

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Racial is defined as anything relating to race, while hatred is defined as the intense dislike or distaste for anything or anyone. Tolchin (2006) defines racial hatred as those feelings or acts that are directed…
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Young Black Men Fallen By The Wayside
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Extract of sample "Young Black Men Fallen By The Wayside"

Download file to see previous pages John Casor, in 1654, became the first black man to become a slave and this began a stream of events that led to the growth of slavery and the dehumanizing treatment of a black person. The consequential and constant bad treatment of blacks has lowered the perception a black person as a less than perfect person in comparison with the rest. This has led to son black people blaming the color of their skin for their woes to a point of murder.
Jimerson (2013) attributes under development among black families to the low self-esteem that was set in motion before the American Revolution to enable the blacks to be normal members of the society. The Martin Luther King era was a significant time to the black in America and all over the world. Lack of equal chances has denied the black families to develop.
Racial self-hatred leads a child away from the concentration of schoolwork as they try to fit in the society. They also believe that they inferior to other race in the school, so they believe they can perfume better than the rest; that lack of self-belief leads them to perform badly.
Self-doubt in young black men makes them feel as if they are being looked down upon because of their skin color even when they are being corrected rightfully. It will always make them move away from their jobs to look for others that they consider are fitting for them (Vogel et al, 2011).
Michael Jackson, hate for being black pushed him to the extreme of trying to discolor himself. The amount of money he used was staggering. Many musicians, like dancehall star Vybz Cartel, try to bleach themselves into being white, an act that costs them a fortune. The financial status of these young men is always poor and most of them are always in debts as they seek to change their appearance through artificial means.
The integration of races is an issue not only in the United States but also everywhere in the world. It exists even in communities that are the most liberated and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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