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Maitaining versus withdrawing life support (Florida General rules) - Assignment Example

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The inception of the life support and its inclusion in the medical care law has immensely improved humanity’s quality of life despite numerous arguments posed by its opponents to have it removed or terminated (Elliott, 2005). This is especially in sustaining the lives of…
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Maitaining versus withdrawing life support (Florida General rules)
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Extract of sample "Maitaining versus withdrawing life support (Florida General rules)"

Florida: Maintaining versus withdrawing life support Should care be maintained or withdrawn? The inception of the life support and its inclusion in the medical care law has immensely improved humanity’s quality of life despite numerous arguments posed by its opponents to have it removed or terminated (Elliott, 2005). This is especially in sustaining the lives of patients experiencing vegetative state where some have miraculously revived back to normal life and assumed their respective roles. In my view, human life is sacred where its choice of existence or termination should not rely on majorities’ ruling or any other conclusion formulated by the esteemed professionals. Since, termination of an individual’s life via withdrawing life support adversely affects even the close relatives despite the law advocating acting in the interests of the patient. Additionally, an individual experiencing persistent vegetative state does not imply one cannot regain full consciousness with the administration of the necessary treatments. This is regardless of the anticipated complications that might arise, which in reality may be contrary (Elliott, 2005). However, these cases may be minimal but I tend to belief that not all surrogates act in the interests of the patient despite prove presented to execute their consent in the withdrawing of life support. Since, investigation may not be adequate to reveal deep hidden malicious intentions of the surrogates where some benefit indirectly. Hence, cause long-term trauma to the loved ones especially the young children or beneficiaries after knowing what happened to their loved ones regardless of whether there was a legal or authorized substituted judgment (Elliott, 2005). I deem, maintaining life support is a depiction of respect for human life where in withdrawing it, may deny an individual a chance to life who was to regain consciousness and recuperate thus it should be maintained.
2. Who has the right to make end of life decisions?
The decision regarding end of life is the mandate of a sane individual prior the appointed time who in accordance to the law will act in the interests of the ailing (Turan, Goldstein, Garber & Carstensen, 2011). Therefore, I strongly deem and advocate that the right person to act in these cases ought to be a parent or close a relative after meticulous investigation to establish their relations. This shuns any deeds guided by malicious gains where the partakers may benefit either direct or obliquely after execution of the intended end of life procedure (McGowan, 2011). However, in some cases, the parents may not be present or close reliable relatives especially to the married people where their spouse or grown up children ought to undertake the mandate. Additionally, I feel that, there ought to be adequate and reliable investigations to ascertain if there were good relations prior to, especially amid the spouses besides there accountability to act in the interests of the ailing (McGowan, 2011).
3. Should we be discussing financial considerations in end of life care?
End life care entails sometimes colossal funding depending on the medication procedures one may require (Theriault, 2012). This is because future or tomorrow to humanity is unpredictable, hence the plans encompasses estimation owing to numerous altering factors besides one’s condition, which may yield to be too demanding. Therefore, I feel cost consideration is essential especially when an individual demands honor for the end time wishes especially if there is no life support’s withdrawal where it may be costly thus, impoverish the entire family (Theriault, 2012). Prior considerations enable the family or responsible individuals have a rough funding estimate to cater for the anticipated needs and expenses. Therefore, I deem prior funding considerations regarding end time are essential in the provision of adequate and quality care (Theriault, 2012).
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Maitaining Versus Withdrawing Life Support (Florida General Rules) Assignment.
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