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But to run an airline some other factors are also very important for which we need an infrastructure.
Infrastructure plays a crucial role in running…
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Southwest Air lines
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College Strategic Measures 11 July Effective Strategic Planning at Airline When we talk about airline common thing that comes in our minds is travelling where the baseline is to facilitate the passengers. But to run an airline some other factors are also very important for which we need an infrastructure.
Infrastructure plays a crucial role in running a company. The stronger strategy pursued, the more company grows. Whenever company is initiated management mostly focuses on designing and implementing strong infrastructure in their company that enables them to smooth down the business flow.
A strong infrastructure needs knowledge, skills and techniques with utmost time which gives the best results. But unfortunately issue arises when management fails to achieve the best for their company. The perception to design an infrastructure usually depends upon the project managers who are responsible to implement that.
The adverse circumstances arise when the company already lacks in building a strong network. Airline business just not only depends upon issuing tickets and running aero planes, it also depends upon the background affairs and other businesses in the company. It includes marketing, information technology, corporate affairs, logistics and flight services etc. The management has to look over all the areas and their task is to bring all on one page.
Southwest Airlines is a company that has highlighted its passions for three factors, “performance, people and planet”. To accomplish the objective of the company, what needed is to make strategies which provide a roadmap to the company to follow a specific plan that results in setting performance goals, deliver valuable service to customers and to be successful in the market. However making strategies is not all, following the plan is more important.
The airline has prospered in every domain but the most important area that overlooked and ignored is Human Resource Management. The ultimate goal of any company is to earn revenue from their business processes. These processes need alignment of company objectives with human resource to run them smoothly (R. Michael), but when company disregards human resource aspect while planning strategies for the company, they will ultimately suffer a business loss. Company’s objective is to add value to business. For doing this, they need to align Information technology with business strategies, improve processes and most importantly take care of critical asset i.e. Human Resource (OPM). This is covered when management does not only focus on business processes but also need to centre employee’s growth as well.
Office of Personnel Management: Strategic Human Resources Management: Aligning with the Mission, September 1999.
Strategy and Preparation Are Critical Success Factors, by R. Michael Donovan. Read More
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Southwest Air Lines Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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