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The second era/chronic era (1950-2010) focused on fighting chronic diseases. In he third era (2010 to the future), focus is put on the provision of health for all…
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Health Care Timeline
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Health Care Timeline Antiquity – Health concepts associated with religion; Greek associate health with environmental factors (, n.d).
1334- Petrarch introduces the concept of clinical trial
1603 – The law of mortality and the Bills of Mortality introduced by John Graunt
1700 - Bernadino Ramazzini studies breast cancer among nuns and pioneers occupational epidemiology
1706-1777 Bossier Francois introduces a system of classifying diseases
1798- Vaccination against small pox developed from cow pox is discovered
1787-1872 – Alexandre Louis pioneers in the field of Epidemiology (Mervyn, 1985).
1847 - The American Medical Association is established
1850 – The Epidemiological Society of London is established (Mervyn, 1985).
1870 – The study of Bacteria begins
1948 - The World Health Organization is established
1965: Medicaid and Medicare legislation instituted by US Congress
2011-2012 - Proposals to cut Medicare expenditures introduced by President Obama (, 2011)
Three Eras of Health Care
The first era/acute care (1750-1950) focused on saving lives from infectious diseases (, n.d.). The second era/chronic era (1950-2010) focused on fighting chronic diseases. In he third era (2010 to the future), focus is put on the provision of health for all (universal health).
With developments in the health sector, the world witnessed a major impact in regard to healthcare. While initially, a lot of focus was put on fighting infectious diseases such as cholera, today, focus has changed to the need for a healthy world population irrespective of social standing.
 Changing Definitions
While previously the concept of wellness was dictated by religious beliefs, the medical system and cultural values, this is not the case today (Rosen, 1993). While certain feelings or pains were considered normal in the past, these are today considered abnormal.
Health-related organizations
The World Health Organization has been at the forefront in trying to ensure that the world’s population is healthy (Rosen, 1993). The establishment of the organization has seen previously marginalized areas receive better health services and the standardization of services and health factors. This essentially has led to the general improvement of the world’s health standards.
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Health Care Timeline Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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