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Ethnography Assignment Worksheet - Essay Example

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The reason I chose this site was the amount of homeless people and cosmopolitan features in it. My main objective in this project is to learn whether there exists a class system within the park. The…
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Ethnography Assignment Worksheet
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Extract of sample "Ethnography Assignment Worksheet"

7 July Ethnography Project Worksheet I heard about the Veterans Park as I live in the same city as the park. The reason I chose this site was the amount of homeless people and cosmopolitan features in it. My main objective in this project is to learn whether there exists a class system within the park. The questions I am exploring in this ethnography include if there is racism or a class system within the park and if yes, how did the class system come about. Yes, these questions relate to certain themes or key questions discussed in the class readings. For example, there was division of area between the black and white races in the Old Fourth Ward, and the Auburn Avenue’s main drag was called “the richest Negro street in the world” (McCall). There are also numerous films based on racism and class system that have been made in the past. One such film is A Day Without a Mexican in which a pink fog draws the Mexicans out of California. My fieldwork site is a park in the Downtown Manchester, NH. The neighborhood immediately surrounding my fieldwork site is like mixed commercial and residential. It is easy for me to get to my site since it is located in my home-city. The Veterans Park consists of a stage area for concerts and a memorial for fallen soldiers. I observed that the park is not divided and homeless and non-homeless people are mixed within the park. The US flags have been used to decorate the park. The park is next to a main street, which makes it sound like a typical city with the noises of people, cars, trucks, and traffic. Usually, the noise is more during the day than the night since the load of traffic in the night is lesser and also, the birds that chirp around during the day recede to their nests in the night. The land in the park is all covered in thick grass which is very pleasant and sweet to the smell. Occasionally, car fumes can be smelled as well, particularly when they are parked with a rush. The park setting is both relaxing and comfortable. Since it is a park, there are benches placed around the periphery of the green areas. The land is mostly covered in grass with concrete walkways running through the open areas. Many people bring food and eatables with them as the natural beauty makes the park a nice picnic spot. Most of the people are from the working class. Spceially, the civil servants and the private sector employees from surrounding buildings visit the park for recreation and timepass. Mnay visitors are middle-aged though the community of visitors is diverse as the visitors come with their families including children and parents. My first impression of the park was good. I saw it as a mixed group of people who were able to get along with one another well and spend some quality time. People at the park seem to be friendly and are mostly interacting with others in a peaceful manner. I see people greeting each other as they walk by.
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McCall, Nathan. Them: A Novel. New York: Atria Books, 2007. Print. Read More
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(Ethnography Assignment Worksheet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Ethnography Assignment Worksheet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Ethnography Assignment Worksheet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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