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Terrorist organization and report on Hizballah (Party of God) - Research Paper Example

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Although this group started out as a violent terrorist group, their actions have become more moderate in the recent years, while keeping their underlying religious foundation (Harik, 2005, 12-13). All members…
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Terrorist organization research and report on Hizballah (Party of God)
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Extract of sample "Terrorist organization and report on Hizballah (Party of God)"

Download file to see previous pages Specifically, Hezbollah gained its reputation for their bloody battles against invading Israeli occupational forces, during which they employed guerrilla warfare and martyr-based attacks.
The Hezbollah began in 1982 as a response to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. As their name literally translates to “Party of God”, they had deep religious motivations for starting the organization, though their direct actions may have seemed more political initially. During this time, Lebanon was controlled by Shia politics that had risen since the country’s liberation from France in 1943 (Norton, 2009, 21). At the outset, Israeli forces were welcomed into Lebanon to assist in forcing the Palestinians out of the southern part of the nation. However, when the Palestinians were successfully removed from the area, and Israeli occupation forces refused to leave the country in the following months, the Hezbollah viewed their actions as a direct threat to the Muslim way of life, as well as, an infringement on the Lebanese people independence. The founding members of Hezbollah were offended by the way the Israelis took ownership of their land. They were also not happy about the economic oppression the Israelis imposed on the native Shiites.
Furthermore, the Hezbollah believed that these offenses required swift and violent action. This initiated the conflict between the nascent group and the Israeli forces, followed quickly by the involvement of other countries. To this end, in the first few years of the group’s infancy, the Hezbollah released a manifesto listing their objectives as the removal of Israeli occupation forces from Lebanon and the overall obliteration of Israeli forces from all nations. In this manifesto, they also described their desire to be free from all Western political or military involvement, as well. They viewed most of the Western nations as being allies to the Zionist movement (Jaber, 1997, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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