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In the project, I discussed the two major social trends; drinking alcohol and lack of physical work. Both the social trends are considered to be increasing as the…
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Senior project progress report
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Senior Project Progress Report No: Senior Project Progress Report I have selected the topic “The impact of any recent social and/or ethical trends on the health care industry”. In the project, I discussed the two major social trends; drinking alcohol and lack of physical work. Both the social trends are considered to be increasing as the technology is increasing. Physical work lessened due to excessive utilization of cars. However, wealth is considered to have a negative impact on the social trends. Wealth gives permission to a person to drink as much alcohol as he can. On the other hand, the utilization of alcohol in the preteen age is far more dangerous and excessive use of alcohol is also a greater danger for the life.
I have chosen, “World health Organization” as the corresponding health care organization. The major aim of the health care organization, I have chosen, is to develop such ideas and function as to alter the unhealthy activities of the persons in different regions of the world. However, the WHO does not only guide to cut the utilization of alcohol or perform works physically, it symbolizes as the organization that aims to reduce the diseases in the world and make the people healthy.
In order to gather the information, I utilized the quantitative method and utilized primary as well as secondary sources. The primary sources include the web content directly published by the World Health organization. However, secondary sources include the information available on different web sites, journals and other publications. The issue is considerably most in the age group of 13-30 years and thus the targeted audience is from this age group. The training may include the publication of written and electronic advertisements that will give rise to the issues and make the issues global.
Pahl, Ray. (1999). “Policy Futures for UK Health: The Social Context of Healthy Living: No 6 Social Trends: Technical Series”. The Nuffield Trust, London. Can also be retrieved from
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