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It does this through the use of four components which are quality control, quality planning, quality improvement and quality assurance. All these components together ensure that…
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Health Administration
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Health Administration How would you distinguish quality management from QI? Quality management aims to ensure that the product or service under it is effective and efficient. It does this through the use of four components which are quality control, quality planning, quality improvement and quality assurance. All these components together ensure that they have a means to achieve product or service quality. Quality management can therefore be said to a management strategy umbrella with several principles that guide it to ensure good performance (Hoyle, 67).
Quality improvement (QI) on the other hand is one component of quality management that aims to make better the product or service under quality management. QI employs the use of many methods in order to ensure that the services being provided to the customers are improved to the customer’s satisfaction. It also ensures that the products being offered and the whole process improves and becomes of such high standards of quality (Hoyle, 126).
Quality management employs the use of various principles in order to make the work of management of the services or products easier while quality improvement follows laid down procedures and guidelines that enable it to improve performance and ensure that the improvement is not just a one-time thing but will always be continuous. The guidelines include following the zero-defect program and ISO certification guidelines among other guidelines. The principles used in quality management include focusing on the customer, involving the stakeholders and better leadership among others. When the quality improvement component works smoothly and effectively, quality management also improves and hence the overall performance of the organization increases.
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