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Critical Reasoning (The Personal Characteristics that enable leaders to be Effective ) - Essay Example

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The majority of the companies around the world are focused on the importance of a leader for further success of the company. There are different functions of the effective leader: he should be able to…
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Critical Reasoning (The Personal Characteristics that enable leaders to be Effective )
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Extract of sample "Critical Reasoning (The Personal Characteristics that enable leaders to be Effective )"

Download file to see previous pages Thesis: effective leadership is based on different features and not only professional features are important, but also personal characteristics matter a lot. Employees are members of a team, who are able to implement innovative and creative ideas of a leader. Consequently, there is a need for stable and trustful relations between them.
Taking into account modern researches and studies in business filed, it is evident that the main attention of researchers and scientists concerns effective leadership. Elving (2005) claims that effective leader can establish changes by means of communication. Basically, the employees are not ready for changes and perceive innovations or changes from a negative perspective. It is on behalf of the effective leader to enable employees to accept organizational changes. In accordance with Elving, there are five basic steps to be taken by leaders: a humane attitude to employees; communication in a friendly and a simple atmosphere; individual treatment for every employee; joking and easy-going manner of communication. In this case, changes and innovations in organizations are perceived “as is”, because organizational changes will be perceived as self-evident (Bovey 2001, p. 536).
Caldwell (2003) claims that “leaders are transformed managers” (Caldwell 2003, p. 285). Change managers embody ideas and practices of change leaders. Actually, effective leaders invent and embody organizational changes and effective managers have implemented these actions at different organizational levels. Nevertheless, there are different leaders in the Western and the Eastern worlds. Consequently, in order to determine the effective leadership and change management in the Eastern world and Western world, it is relevant to take into account cultural and social peculiarities of different businesses, which are rooted in historic contexts of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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