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Specifically, advance directives constitute a critical area that enables patients to express their wishes in relation to terminal illnesses or incapacitation. Advance…
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I just need a one page summary on an argument
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Summary on an Argument Affiliation: Decision making takes place at every aspects ofan individual’s life, and so is the case in healthcare. Specifically, advance directives constitute a critical area that enables patients to express their wishes in relation to terminal illnesses or incapacitation. Advance directives are characterized by diverse and dynamic debates, but what is for sure is the fact that they have substantial support in the United States (Levine, 2009). Medical and legal experts differ, arguing for or against the practice of these directives.
Steven Luttrell and Ann Sommerville argue in favor of advance directives. They hold that decisions made by individuals in their health are binding in the case they become terminally ill or incapacitated. For this reason, they support practices of advance directives, arguing that they do not pose any risks to patients (Levine, 2009). This further implies that advance directives do not in any way limit rights of patients. Patients have choices to make; meaning that those that do not wish to document their wishes at a time they are incapacitated can refrain from doing so.
Arguments against advance directives hold that patients at their health may lack adequate information about advance directives, and they may, therefore, make hasty decisions without necessarily knowing how they would react in an incapacitation situation. In such a circumstance, patients’ autonomy in the context of advance directives is questioned. However, Steven Luttrell and Ann Sommerville argue that patients and people in general always make decisions without necessarily having adequate information about a situation. On the same note, judgment is used where experience lacks. Fundamentally, the directive cannot be implemented if the patient in his or her terminal illness changes his or her mind on earlier filed advance directives.
Levine, C. (2009). Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Bioethical Issues. New York: McGraw Hill
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