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Level 5 Leadership - Essay Example

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The paper aims to achieve a three-fold objective, to wit: (1) to research and define the concept of Level 5 Leadership; (2) to determine the presence or lack of Level 5 Leadership in an actual organization; and (3) to process what I have learned about Level 5 Leadership and what…
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Level 5 Leadership
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Extract of sample "Level 5 Leadership"

Download file to see previous pages 68). Likewise, as explicitly indicated, the definition of the term ‘Level 5’ is “the highest level in a hierarchy of executive capabilities… that elevate companies from mediocrity to sustained success” (Collins, 2001, p. 68).
In an interview with Jim Collins by Stuart Crainer, which was published online on January of 2006, Collins synthesized his definition of Level 5 Leadership: “The central dimension for Level 5 is a leader who is ambitious first and foremost for the cause, for the company, for the work, not for himself or herself; and has an absolutely terrifying iron will to make good on that ambition” (Dearlove & Crainer, 2006). In addition, there were reported evident exemplifications of duality traits such as shy but fearless, modest, yet willful (Collins, 2001).
It can, therefore, be deduced, that for a leader to be identified as manifesting Level 5 Leadership, that leader must exude traits such as extreme personal humility, strong professional will, a committed and dedicated pursuit and resolution to steer the organization to prolonged and sustained success.
The Level 5 Leadership style is apparently different from other leadership styles in terms of accurately identifying the unique and distinct duality traits of leaders who were identified to exude these in companies they led towards prolonged success. According to Collins, there are other levels in the leadership hierarchy: from highly capable individuals (Level 1), contributing team member (Level 2), competent managers (Level 3), and effective leaders (Level 4) (Collins, 2001, p. 70), whose differentiating characteristics and traits are not enough to sustain prolonged and unprecedented success to organizations.
The importance of having been apprised of the Level 5 Leadership lies in the knowledge and awareness provided to other contemporary ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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