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My experience on censorship - Essay Example

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According to me, censorship refers to the act of exerting control or regulation by a mandated person or body on various forms of information as stipulated by an authorized organization. I had a personal experience on censorship a few years ago in UK in a movie theatre. It was on…
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My experience on censorship
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Download file to see previous pages We did not care to ascertain the age limit of the movie. The security officers at the entrance were equally more concerned with the security details than verifying the details of the moviegoers. Nevertheless, they reserved the verification of personal details to the end of the first episode.
At the end of the first episode, the security men sought to verify our personal details by asking for our identification cards. My friend produced his identification card and got a clearance. When my turn came, the security agent could not believe that a sixteen year old is watching a movie rated eighteen years and above. The security agent was actually very furious that I had breached the rules of the theatre by entering the theatre well knowing that I had not acquired the required age. My attempts to explain that I had not seen the age requirement landed on deaf ears. My friend watched in disbelief and the audience caught the scene with amazement as the security agent manhandled me. The security agent whisked me out of the theatre to the security cabin where he locked me up in readiness for resultant punishment. It was the greatest shock of my life as nobody dared come to my support. Later on, the management of the movie theatre sought to explain to me the various rules applicable in a movie theatre and the attached punishments and fines on defaulters. Playing audience to the movies relevant to one’s age was one of the rules that attracted heavy penalties upon defaulting. Security agents treat ignorance to this rule with equal wrath. The management expects the audience to brief themselves with the relevant terms and conditions pertaining to a given movie with no omissions and total strictness.
This act of censorship caused me to think objectively of censorship. The stringent measures put in place to ensure compliance to the set rules proved effective for censorship. The need to seek ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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My Experience on Censorship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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