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3 Exposing workers to Plutonium- - Case Study Example

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This is because the term ‘quota’ refers to the restrictions put on an amount that has been that can be produced, imported or extracted from a certain resource. There are no restrictions that have been put on the…
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Case 3 Exposing workers to Plutonium-Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages Under their circumstances, they are not justified in denying some races employment opportunities based on their color (Connolly, 2009). They should equally employ their workers from all races based on their qualifications for them to be termed as just (Pojman, 2010).
No, the Kaiser Aluminum does not have a justified policy. Kaiser insists on giving preferential treatment to their employees who are of black origin by providing them with more employment opportunities until the time their total equals their percentage in the area’s workforce. This is not good because it will tend to limit the chances of other races who may have a more capable and willing workforce that requires employment. Their selection processes were also biased since they did not consider the qualifications of most employees as witnessed in the recruitment of two blacks who had inferior qualifications when compared to some white applicants who had been turned away (Connolly, 2009). Their policy should be revised to state that, “Kaiser Aluminum will employ people from all races on the basis of their qualifications and their numbers in the areas population”.
Kaiser’s policy leads to the reverse discrimination that Weber encounters during their recruitment processes. Weber is denied selection despite the fact that he has more seniority that many of the blacks who had been selected. He files a lawsuit of racial discrimination against Kaiser though the courts rule that he is not a victim. Weber fails to be selected since the company had agreed to give preferential treatment to the black population in an effort to end the previous racial injustices that existed (Connolly, 2009). The denial of an employment opportunity to Weber is not justified since he had qualified better than some of the selected recruits but has been denied due to his color which is not his choice to. Kaiser should have considered the victims seniority before dismissing him ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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