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Cultural Anthropology - Essay Example

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The current working environment owing to the technology and challenges evident in the corporate world, it is fast changing, though, the employees are not. This calls for new strategies and policies that will enable people counter these changes and operate as necessitated…
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Cultural Anthropology
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Extract of sample "Cultural Anthropology"

Cultural Anthropology The current working environment owing to the technology and challenges evident in the corporate world, it is fast changing, though, the employees are not. This calls for new strategies and policies that will enable people counter these changes and operate as necessitated. Therefore, employees need to adopt various vital skills especially those involving cultural diversity, though, many in their learning may not have studied anthropology intensively. This is to ensure that, they acknowledge cultural diversity, its numerous and varied aspects to guarantee future profitability besides efficiency. Primarily, this entails how diverse people having varied cultures and know how can effectively work together and make an effective Corporation.
Additionally, it may also involve acknowledgement, appreciating and integrating diverse cultural facets in delivering the intended services, for instance in schools or other service industries. Consequently, make an individual possess high cultural competence skills and practices that will guarantee one to deliver even excellently beyond the set expectations (IFTF). Normally, this relies on varied skills, which a person ought to adopt while in a working environment besides intermingling with other individuals having diverse cultures. Some of the competence skills encompass:
I. Cross-cultural competence
A person should have the capacity to adapt and deliver as required in diverse working settings. Mainly, this calls for an individual to respond appropriately to changing circumstances and possess the ability to sense new contexts besides overcoming linguistic challenges. Studies they contend that, an intelligent and innovative group encompasses a combination of diverse ages, skills, and disciplines emanating from varied people (IFTF). Therefore, this will enable in operating effectively regardless of the new cultures that constitute the working environment.
II. Social intelligence
It is the ability of an employee to assess and understand the emotions of fellow workmates within their working environment. This is evident with individuals looking for cultivate trust among the people whom they are collaborating with especially in place of work as they undertake diverse projects (IFTF).
III. Transdisciplinarity
Owing to the present challenges that are complex, they do require multifaceted solutions to attain the intended targets. Hence, an individual needs to have expansive knowledge that comprises one’s fields. This shuns involvements of numerous personnel, which forces the firm to hire external expertise to solve certain cases that none of their employees has the knowledge to contain the situation. Therefore, owing to the complexity of some predicaments, attaining immense know how regarding my field will prompt me to tackle varied aspects effectively (IFTF).
IV. Sense Making
Regardless of the current technology’s competence, employees must have the capacity, to undertake roles, which are hard to codify or integrated in machines to perform a certain job (IFTF). Human asset besides machines normally provides unique insights, which diverse equipments on their own are unable, except to operate within the design ranges (IFTF). This is especially regarding the next step or action, which they should undertake where the human then intervenes. Mainly, this is critical thinking.
Prior to the present, I did not understand well about cultural competence, but reflecting on the past events that have participated, their results are incomparable. This especially during all the football competitions that I ever participated where all our players emanated from diverse cultures. In the field and while training, we did as a team and with one goal of improving on our skills so that we may stand a chance to challenge our opponents. To attain this, all of us had to accept, understand and appreciate the other person if we had to win. This was through the efforts of our coach who maintained that our core purpose is to win; hence every contributed towards our goals through; ideas, training and any support that we could get from our sponsors. Consequently, we were able to win trophies owing to the fact that we never allowed cultural or diverse ideas separate us, but unite.
Work Cited
Institute for the Future- IFTF. Future Work Skills 2020. 2011. Web. 10Th June 2012. <>Read More
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