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Call a Patient Regarding an Overdue Account - Essay Example

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A person’s behavior is expressed thru attitude. A professional approach in solving any disputed issue expresses man’s behavior. Behavior is a function of attitude…
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Call a Patient Regarding an Overdue Account
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Download file to see previous pages The role of MA is to resolve the issue without hurting patient’s feeling.
Attitude has three components. The three components are; affective, behavioral and cognitive (McLeod, 2009). Affective component deals with feeling, behavioral component deals with behavior, and cognitive component deals with belief and knowledge. The MA needs to realize that he or she will face patient’s three attitude components. At the same time, the MA has his or her own three attitude components. The role of the MA is to provide privilege to patient’s attitude components. The MA needs to remember attitude can express both positive and negative views over an event. The event in this case is past due hospital charges. The MA needs to remember that people can also be conflicted or ambivalent (McLeod, 2009) toward an object. The object in this case is the call itself.
Answer 1: The MA demonstrates professionalism at stages 2b, 2e and 3. At the stage 2 b, the MA will face all three above-described attitude components. The MA in no way should mention to the patient about avoiding the payment. At the stage 2e, MA should express that hospital understands patient’s current inability in making payment, but it will help the hospital to know when the patient can make the payment. At stage 3 MA should be extremely professional in leaving the message so the patient returns the call.
Answer: The MA demonstrates sensitivity to the situation at stage 2b. This is a make or break point for further discussion. Depending on the approach, the MA will face either positive or negative attitude of the patient towards the issue.
Q3. If the patient gets really angry about this call, and yells and gets rude, how would you demonstrate professionalism and sensitivity? Write some things you could say in this situation that would be professional and sensitive?
Answer: This is when the patient will use ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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