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Who Done It Business Communications Assignments - Essay Example

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Therefore, the system would verify the information, correct inconsistencies and provide other departments with updated data. First, the management desires to articulate its…
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Who Done It Business Communications Assignments
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Download file to see previous pages This is a flaw, which the management seeks to address. Consequently, the management has audited the system and discovered the causes of the flaws. The most affected workers were the tellers who deal directly with the clients (Campion).
The management has discovered that teller conducted reconciliation in an inappropriate order. The inappropriate reconciliation resulted in the system malfunction. Therefore, the system failed to post such transactions by the end of the business day. The management has realized that most tellers were running close, registering, posting and merging. Execution of the 2.00 P.M in that order meant once the employee click on the post option there would be nothing for the system to merge. Additionally, the consolidate option failed to pop up. Consequently, the teller assumes that the system will deal with such inconsistencies since it is advanced and it executes much functionality automatically. The above malfunction has affected the functioning of the bank greatly. The IT (information technology) department was vested with the task of correcting the above malfunctions. Therefore, this communication seeks to elaborate what corrective measure the entity has adopted to streamline the system (Campion).
It is imperative for employees to understand that the system is its initial stages of installation. Subsequently, the system may have several flaws that the developer had not foreseen. The measures that this department has adopted include elaborating the correcting reconciliation procedure to the tellers. The proper procedure is running close, registering, merging and posting. This ensures that the system has data to consolidate and post. Once the tellers conduct in the reconciliation correctly, the cheques will not bounce. Additionally, all the above transaction will be reflected in the appropriate accounts. The new features will include an enlarged merging icon, which is visible to all workers. As such, the tellers will no fail ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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