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Financial Aid Appeal - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Pursuant to the conditions set forth in the BPCC Satisfactory Academic Policy (SAP) Policy, I am hereby applying for an appeal in availing of a financial aid for the summer semester 2012. I was not able to meet the required SAP standards due to mitigating circumstances: this…
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Financial Aid Appeal
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Extract of sample "Financial Aid Appeal"

26 May BPCC Financial Aid Office 220 East Texas Street Bossier LA ATTN: Financial Aid Appeals Committee RE: Satisfactory Academic Progress Eligibility Appeal
Dear Sirs/Madames:
Pursuant to the conditions set forth in the BPCC Satisfactory Academic Policy (SAP) Policy, I am hereby applying for an appeal in availing of a financial aid for the summer semester 2012. I was not able to meet the required SAP standards due to mitigating circumstances: this particular instance, the death of an immediate member of my family, my sister.
The death of my sister confounds my working full time. I was married; however, now am separated from my spouse. I am solely supporting my mother from the income that I am generating from work. This is also the main source of funds for other family obligations, including educational expenses needed to complete my studies.
Due to my sister’s death, the traumatic stress and emotional dilemma caused diversion of my focus from studies and work. This therefore is the reason why I failed to meet the required GPA needed for the SAP standards to avail of the financial aid.
I have already turned in one SAP eligibility appeal which was previously granted. The mitigating situation previously relayed was my grandmother’s death. No one wants to have experienced consecutive deaths in the family; especially of a member who was really close to one’s heart. My sister had been my refuge and a close confidante. She was a source of strength and happiness to the family and to me, especially during my trying times of separation from my husband. All documents required to support the veracity of my sister’s demise is hereby included for the committee’s review.
For the committee’s perusal, despite the previous death of my grandmother, in which the financial aid was still deemed necessary, I did not fail in any of my classes last semester. However, due to the dilemma that the family faced with regard to addressing my sister’s death, in conjunction with striving hard to support my mom alone, I failed to meet the required GPA.
For the summer semester, I plan to focus more on the course modules to ensure that the required GPA would be met to comply with the SAP standards. I plan to do this by striving more to spend extra time in my studies, deliver high quality academic projects, and consult more with my professors and academic instructors in areas where I need more assistance. I would be more vigilant in monitoring my academic performance to fulfill the needed requirements of the SAP and make me a worthy recipient of the financial aid program.
I fully understood and complied with the documentary requirements of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Eligibility Appeal, including pertinent documentations for the mitigating circumstance (death of my sister). Likewise, I pledge that the intensified efforts to focus more on my studies would prevent a repeat occurrence of the events which could lead to my ineligible status.
I hope the committee would approve my eligibility to avail of the financial aid this summer semester to enable me to complete my studies and fulfill my personal and professional goal of eventually graduating from Bossier Parish Community College.
Very truly yours,
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lianajohns added comment 6 months ago
Student rated this paper as
At first, I thought 2 of pages is too much for such a issue. But now I see it could not be done better. As the author starts you see the depth of the subject. I’ve read all at once. Precise paper


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