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Practical and Written Assessment (type: Report or equivalent) - Essay Example

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Graduate attributes and discipline specific skills are qualities which empower me to become qualified to serve in the capacity of human resource management professional. In my sphere of work, communication skills, cultural competency, team work skills and team building can be…
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Practical and Written Assessment (type: Report or equivalent)
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Download file to see previous pages uld recognize the critical role that decisions concerning the acquisition, development, and organization of human capital play in determining the effectiveness of organizations” (Lawler, 2004). As a Human Resource Management student, I developed skills in the fields of finance and accounting, employment/labor law proficiency by internalizing theories of management, procedural models and ethics. Rather than dictating instructions, quotas and goals from above, human resource managers follow philosophy that includes employees in strategic decision-making. Human resource management forms the backbone of any establishment as it channels its human resources to fulfill customer and employer expectations, while respecting the legal rights and privileges of employees. With human resource management, ineffective decision making will cause a company to lose its most valuable property and resourceful for progressive growth.
I believe that my communication skills cemented in me will aid in laying the foundation to a healthy professional relationship with faculty and fellow students now, and later on with peers, superiors and subordinates in the world of work. Communication skills empower both the student and the professional to clearly and articulately present ideas and information both verbally and in writing. Communication involves the sharing of information with others on a timely basis using appropriate and easily understood language. Belief that courses with a solid focus on language drove me to improve my communication skills for I realized that a good command of language also makes keener analytical skills and also sharpen sensitivity to human needs and qualities. I have developed strong and professional communication skills as reflected in my exposure to regular oral presentations, written correspondences and research papers. Aware that I would be required to carry out oral presentations, submit reports, and draft correspondences, attributes which have supported me ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Practical and Written Assessment (type: Report or Equivalent) Essay)
Practical and Written Assessment (type: Report or Equivalent) Essay.
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