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most of these developments are usually technology-driven. The learning environment in particular is one that is seeing many changes in…
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First E-Learning In the contemporary society there are a lot of developments taking place most of which tend to be improvements of what has already been there. most of these developments are usually technology-driven. The learning environment in particular is one that is seeing many changes in this direction. These days what is happening is that there is the integration of technology-based tools such as computers in the learning environment and in most cases this has proven to be rather advantageous to the learners.
In the two storyboards presented collaboration has clearly been brought out by the fact that the elements entailed therein are in a position to function together for the achievement of the eventual goal. In the case of computer-supported collaborated learning it is seen that first generation e-learning was meant for individual work but with the advent of present-day tools such as web 2.0. the learning environment is becoming more social and interactive.
Collaboration improves the learning process in the sense that the diversity and varied knowledge of the people entailed in the learning process is used for the benefit of everyone associated with the learning process. Knowledge and ideas are able to be shared easily in the process.
In order for the collaboration to be more successful it needs to make use of some of the machinery which are more associated with the present day for example the social networks, other tools such as blogs and online discussion forums. At the same time making use of the present day communication devices such as mobile phones would go a long way in improving this phenomenon.
Delanty G. (2001), Challenging Knowledge, Open University Press, London. Read More
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Education/E-Learning Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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