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In the paper “Indigenous knowledge in education systems” the author analyzes gaps within contemporary education systems. The challenge for the Aboriginal people persists and extends to Aboriginal education system. Contemporary education systems fail to recognize indigenous education and knowledge.
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Indigenous knowledge in education systems
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Download file to see previous pages The Common Curriculum Framework for the Language and Culture Programs of the Aboriginal Kindergarten to the twelfth Grade was developed as a collective effort. The effort encompassed the Western Canadian Protocol Aboriginal Languages Working Group and the Elder Advisors and, with contributors from British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Saskatchewan. The paper was intended to serve as a framework that would reflect the universal beliefs and values integral in Aboriginal cultures in acknowledgment of the pedagogical issues in the Aboriginal system of education (Bopp, et al. 2004).
In reference to Bopp et al (2004), the First Nations, Inuit and Métis education policy framework of 2002 that was developed by Alberta Learning, in partnership with Native Education Policy Review Advisory Committee Representatives and Elders, was envisioned to demonstrate the department’s guarantee to enhance educational opportunities and chances for Aboriginal learners and students in Alberta. Additionally, it was intended to develop and progress an ongoing exchange of ideas with other education stakeholders and Aboriginal communities (Bopp et al., 2004).
The initiated frameworks share the voices of indigenous elders speaking on the relationship Laws. These laws include humanity’s Relationship with the Natural World; humanity’s Relationship with one another; humanity’s Relationship with themselves; reconstruction and Colonization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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