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Where does the law apply and the legal position in different organizations - Term Paper Example

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Private law outlines the rights of individuals in business contracts and marriage. Law of Tort guides the relationships of individuals in the society and deals with civil wrongs and omissions like defamation,…
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Where does the law apply and the legal position in different organizations
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Extract of sample "Where does the law apply and the legal position in different organizations"

Download file to see previous pages Property law deals with acquisition, ownership and disposal of both movable and immovable property.
Private law is a branch of the legal system which regulations relationships and duties that individuals owe to each other (Weinrib, 1995). Some of the branches of private law include commercial law that deals with business contracts and other legally binding contracts between individuals. Tort law is another branch of private law that deals with civil wrongs which are independent of contracts such as negligence and defamation committed to other individuals. Family law is another aspect of private law that covers domestic relations like marriage, adoption and divorce (Weinrib, 1995). Labor law is another branch of private law that is interested in solving employment disputes such as collective bargaining agreement issues, dismissals and redundancy. Private law also includes property law that deals with the acquisition and disposal of property such as real estate property and the rights of individuals to the individuals (Weinrib, 1995). Inheritance and succession law deals with inheritance of property and wills. Private international law is also part of this branch of the legal system and deals with laws governing nationality, immigration, laws on aliens and nationality laws. Private international law is mainly covered by the international treaties that govern the rights of aliens and asylum seekers in other countries (Weinrib, 1995).
The person bring the case under private law is known as the claimant while the person being sued is the defendant (Cooke, 2011). Tort Law is the main branch of private law. Tort is a civil wrong, breach of trust or equitable obligation, and it is independent of contract. The remedies for torts are a common law action for unliquidated damages. Torts arise when one person owes duties to another due to operation of law. The main objectives of Tort law are to restore rights of individual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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