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Today, security officials in the US tend to engage in coercive interrogation of terrorism suspects. Coercion entails the use of mental…
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Terrorism in gobal world
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Download file to see previous pages This paper seeks to examine some of the advantages of coercion as an instrument of counterterrorism policy. The paper will draw from examples where coercion has been applied to extract information regarding terrorism.
As a counterterrorism policy instrument, coercion has some significant advantages that accompany it. Coercion plays the role of deterrence and preventing any likelihood of terrorists to engage in criminal activities. For example, the United States counterterrorism strategy and policy advocates for the intimidation of suspects through the use of coercion and force. In its counterterrorism policy, the United States advocates for the capturing of suspects and holding them prisoners (Bolz et al., 2005). Besides, the US advocates for the application of forceful means to get information from terrorists. Such coercion works since no terrorist dares engage in terrorist activities due to the harsh conditions attributed with coercion.
Most governments perceive the use of coercion as an effective way of fighting terrorism. There may be a tendency to rely on threats of punishment as a way of countering the likelihood of terrorist attacks. For example, such acts as kidnapping terrorists with a view to extract information play an essential role of punishment. Through such strategies, the terrorist will provide information, which can help in the prevention of a terrorist attack. Strategies such as cover and overt paramilitary and military action play an essential role in pre-empting and preventing terrorist groups (Crank & Patricia 2005, p. 26).
Coercion can also be effective when gathering information from countries and people believed to be harboring terrorists. Through coercion, people who harbor terrorists fear the consequences of being caught. As a result, they tend to refrain from harboring dangerous terrorist groups that may pose a danger to the world. For example, the United States applies trade sanctions on countries believed to host ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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