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Chicano Culture - Essay Example

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During the 1960s, the kind of music that was popular among the Chicanos of East Los Angeles was the eastside sound which was a mixture of other musical styles. Conjuncto music is a specific kind of music performed…
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Chicano Culture
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Extract of sample "Chicano Culture"

Download file to see previous pages It was the only instrument that was popular among the Chicanos in Texas in the last decade of the nineteenth century. Later on saxophone was also used by the conjuncto groups. The conjuncto style was considered similar to the norteno music which was common in Northern Mexico. Although initially the conjuncto style was popular among the Chicanos working class, it gradually spread to other regions of America and became well known among the non-Chicanos. (Castro, 63) The band concept was like a ritual process in the East Los Angeles and the eastside musicians satisfied the passion for music of the audiences. The eastside sound was formed with adopted genres like “rhythm and blues, soul, rock, funk, salsa and Mexican traditional forms”. Eastside music was influenced both by American and Mexican cultures. It was more popular among the “lowrider car clubs, street gangs and high school teens”. (Loza, 95) Narciso Martinez who was born in Mexico but grew up in Texas is known as the one who was gave birth to conjuncto music. He was a professional accordion player and he did his first recording in 1935. As the recording proved to be a huge success, its date is considered as the birth date of conjuncto music. Another popular contemporary accordion player was Santiago Jimenez who did his first recording of songs in 1936. (Castro, 63-64) The success story of the eastside music is of tragedy as musicians like Ritchie Valens who popularized Mexican rock and roll version with hits like Donna died early in a plane crash. Another important person was producer Eddie Davis who recorded eastside groups in the 1960s and 1970s. (Loza, 96) By 1962, eastside music was made popular in nightclubs by Davis and his partner Billy Cardenas. One popular eastside musical group was formed by Salsa brothers who sang Mexican rancheras and boleros in family reunions. (Loza, 96-97) Conjuncto music became more popular among the ballroom dance culture ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...? Chicano The world is a heterogeneous collection of cultures, races, and societies. Out of which, one is Chicano, a word, that is derived from Spanish language. It refers to the people who are permanent residents in U.S. having Mexican origin (Arturo, pp. 20-28). This term was unfamiliar until the last few decades, which came into prominence after 1960s. People of Chicano culture were trade into America as low-priced labors with the agreement of the American and Mexican governments. These people belonged to the poorest families in rural areas of Mexico, and did not had any identity in the society, used the term Chicano during the Civil...
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...of the population, their cultural traditions and values. The Mexican population opposed this influence speaking Spanish language at home and preserving their cultural traditions. The break that immigration brought to the mainspring ideal of the Chicano Movement, a claim to the Southwest heritage, presented movimiento ideologies with a challenge that was not simply ignored. Chicano activists, whose ancestors in the main had immigrated after the Southwest was acquired by the U.S., chose not to separate themselves from those who were actually conquered5. They argued that Mexicans who came to the U.S. in large numbers were merely reclaiming Aztln, the mythical homeland of...
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...Chicano Studies Identity Identity refers to the way a person expresses himself and his association to a group. Identification influences the perception of a person about himself and the rest of the world hence determining how a person treats himself. It is dynamic since it is ever changing as seen in the case of the populace of Mexican background living in United States. The Mexican Americans over the past years have experienced difficult in identifying themselves mainly because of their history, which poses ambiguity. The Mexicans after the Americans colonized them were expected to automatically adopt American culture but this was not the case. This is because circumstances forced them to isolate...
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...Insert Chicano studies Chicano word was originally derived from Mexicans living in the United s. The reason behind it was that who had decided to live in the U.S. were no longer real Mexicans for they had given up their country by living in other countries. They were a small group. In the ancient days, the act of calling someone a Chicano was to mean that they were illiterate, poor, and destitute people living in tin shacks along the border. However, the resentment still lingered. Chicano people are well explained under the following aspects. Under development Chicano people were underdeveloped because of political instability within their region. It is...
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...that the women’s’ movement acted as an obstacle to the authentic Chicano cultural assertion. They were also referred to as “sell-outs”. More so, they also faced physical molestation. These are just some of the sever backlash that they faced. The other set back that they faced was the claims that the Chicana feminists had. The feminists claimed that Chicana women were the true hindrance to the Chicana liberation. The Chicana feminists claimed that they were not the separatists. They also framed feminist issues to be Chicana issues by the claims they had on the Chicana women (Briggs, 81). There were several activists who took pains to identify the figures of the Chicana feminist in the past proving that...
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...Ritual Paper - Ethnic Studies Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 The Ritual: The 3-step analysis 2 Meta-analysis 5 Conclusion 8 Ritual Paper - Ethnic Studies The term Chicano is often employed to refer to Mexican Americans. The term can also be used to refer to Mexicans in general. A majority of the Chicano population is found in California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. The community has a rich culture. Marriage has played a significant role in preserving the Chicano culture (Sanchez 145). An evaluation of its marriage practices will reveal a community that has a deep respect for the institution of marriage and the importance...
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