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Breakfast cereal kellogg's as an oligopoly - Essay Example

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Their presence is so strong that they have become the industry itself. Their presence is so strong that their brand name has become a generic…
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Breakfast cereal kelloggs as an oligopoly
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Extract of sample "Breakfast cereal kellogg's as an oligopoly"

Download file to see previous pages They have a very serious concern about the customer service satisfaction process. It has been seen as a norm for the people at Kellogg’s it comes as second nature to them.
Monopolistic competitions are made up of single companies. Currently in case of Kellogg’s there are many local competitors and it is important that the business have their own niches, the competitors are for select group of people and therefore, they have not actually been interfering with each other. The local competitors can not in any way be equivalent to the Kellogg’s brand as they are operating at the international level and have reach in around 180 countries. This gives them a huge profit margin and even leverage in the practices they carry out. They have been marketing themselves as the healthiest way for breakfast and they have around 35 products, these products cater to adults, children, diabetic patients, heart patients, then they have a whole range of breakfast cornflakes for the weight watchers. They have portrayed the product as a weight loss and diet supplementing breakfast options. They have had special focus on nutrients in nearly all their cereals. The fact that they have now been highlighting in all their cereals is the presence of high iron content in them. They have even introduced a women specific and weightwatcher women in the world (DRANOVE, MARCIANO, 2005).
Kellogg’s is a house of brands as it has, around 35 successful cereal brands operating under them and that to quite successfully. Their products are being manufactured in 180 countries of the World and they have a total of 18 manufacturing plants. They have spent quite a lot in advertising since they started. It was a product of the creation of possibilities for healthier diet when it had been ordered by the church. The grains that were used were initially very simple ones, but then they were mixed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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