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Emergency Preparedness and Response - Research Paper Example

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Various nations and individuals should develop superior disaster response teams and capacities to enhance safety and victim’s recuperation in…
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Emergency Preparedness and Response
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Extract of sample "Emergency Preparedness and Response"

Emergency Preparedness and Response Task Emergency Preparedness and Response Introduction Emergency preparedness and response (EPR) capacities are comprehensive measures put in place to mitigate or avert disastrous events. Various nations and individuals should develop superior disaster response teams and capacities to enhance safety and victim’s recuperation in times of disaster. A disaster is any incident that causes traumatic complications and disorders including death. Evidently, bioterrorism attack which is deliberate contamination of resources for example, water and food by harmful toxins has increasingly been a prevalent factor that influences health soundness of living things. It requires development of effective management strategies to en sure that harmful agents are not released into food items. This paper evaluates US disaster preparedness and response capacity with food security being the focal point.
Food safety and bioterrorism
Food security and safety is a critical element that advances nations productivity and performance capacities. It is imperative for various establishments to adopt proper strategies with an aim of advancing food security and safety. It is the prerogative duty of governments to develop food reserve units including food safety maintenance to ensure that meals that are consumed are not harmful to human development (Fong & Alibek, 2009). Federal government including various authorities should protect citizens from consumption of contaminated food through initiation of standardization assurance system. The program ensures that quality assurance and certification of food is undertaken to ascertain food safety before release for consumption as a preventive measure.
This is to avert possible disaster occurrences that may claim many lives since food items are consumed vastly. In US, vital policies have been crafted to enhance food safety and availability. The policies seek to provide requisite measures to avert possible deficiencies and traumatic events that may occur due to food contamination (Fong & Alibek, 2009). The government ensures through its quality assurance department ensures that, food items for example maize is free from toxin content that is poisonous.
Functions of the federal, state,
According to Novick & Marr (2003), bioterrorism events occur due to deliberate contamination of food items by toxic elements that cause death or traumatic complications. During such events, victims require initial medical services to restore conciseness. Nations should ensure adequate preparations to mitigate the effects of food contamination by instituting health centers at a measurable radius to facilitate quicker access to medical officials. They should also institute disaster preparedness teams with full capacity to offer relevant assistance for example, first aid and counseling services that are fundamental in restoring life (Novick & Marr, 2003). Consequently, the federal states should advance food management systems through the development of secure food reserve units with limited access by unauthorized individuals to enhance accountability incase of disastrous events. Quality assurance and food examination capacities are also necessary to ascertain food safety. Ideally, the government has a responsibility to protect citizens from severe effects of food poisoning through the development of strong policies that are safety oriented.
Public health resources
Public resources that would address severe effects and mitigation of food bioterrorism events include health centers and quality assurance agencies. In particular, nursing care professionals have an obligation to provide requisite assistance to food poisoning victims to full recuperation. They should also offer counseling services that are relevant to advance recuperation (Novick & Marr, 2003). Quality assurance agency, which is a public resource should perform its own assessment and communicate possible threats that a product may pose on individual’s life when consumed, based on the examination results. This preventive measure relays basic information about looming disaster thus leads to the development of precautionary measures.
Communication and opinion
Communication plays a crucial role in disaster management by ensuring conveyance of effectual mitigating measures. It is through communication that individuals are briefed on requisite measures that would provide amicable solution to traumatic events. Clearly, communication in such times should be brief, clear and comprehensible to foster understanding. My State, which is California, has well developed disaster management agencies with immense potential to provide timely assistance to individuals. The disaster teams are proficient with superior infrastructural set up that facilitates their work. The teams provided superior support to individuals during California fire event that led to severe damages.
Food security and safety is a critical element that advances nations productivity and performance capacities. Therefore, states should adopt proper strategies with an aim of advancing food security and safety including preparedness to avert possible disastrous events that may occur.
Fong, I. W., & Alibek, K. (2009). Bioterrorism and infectious agents: A new dilemma for the
21st century /edited by I. W. Fong and Ken Alibek. New York: Springer Verlag
Novick, L. F., & Marr, J. S. (2003). Public health issues in disaster preparedness: Focus on
bioterrorism.Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers Read More
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