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Euthanasia - Term Paper Example

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Euthanasia is a very debatable topic; this paper will shed more light upon this very controversial topic. Euthanasia refers to painless death, assisted suicides have been on the rise and this is certainly a very alarming situation. It is a very debatable topic whether a person who is terminally ill should be assisted with suicide or not…
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Extract of sample "Euthanasia"

Download file to see previous pages There are a plethora of perspectives which must be considered and this paper will shed light upon the most important perspectives.
No religion in the world would vouch for assisted suicides as it is a huge sin to bring your life to an end and it is an even bigger sin to help someone die but in the case of terminally ill people it is a different story. There are several NGOs that have been established to help terminally ill people; Dying with dignity is one such NGO which is located in Canada. The members of the NGO have been trying hard to help terminally ill people, the NGO supports assisted suicide but at the same time they have been trying to ensure that the terminally ill patients die without any pain and they die with dignity. In some countries it is against the law to assist terminally ill patients to commit suicide.
Final exit network is another NGO which helps terminally ill patients in assisted suicides. This NGO is known for accepting patients who are suffering from fatal diseases like cancer, heart failure, Parkinson’s disease and so on. Usually it is very difficult for such patients to be adopted by an NGO but Final exit is an exception and it accepts almost everyone.
The near and dear ones of the terminally ill die each day, they suffer from physical and emotional trauma isn’t assisted suicide better than dying each day? It may not be the best option but when emotional pain and suffering supersedes everything, one is left with a handful of options. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Euthanasia Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Euthanasia Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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The Humane Elements of Human Euthanasia

 Credibility material: As I watched my grandmother deteriorate into her senility, slowly forgetting everyone she knew as well as the logical explanation for the tremendous pain she suffered as a result of her cancer, it became increasingly important to me to find some way of reducing her pain and suffering. The only available answer, euthanasia, was not available legally, so my grandmother was forced to die a terrible death in confused terror among strangers. She had been a strong, vibrant, intelligent woman who took tremendous pride in her family, yet we were left with this image of a terrified child lost in pain and confusion.
Thesis sentence: In exposing the various facts regarding human euthanasia and the debate surr...
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Is Active Euthanasia a Medical Negligence or Assisted Dying

... issue of ethics in the medical arena. Within the context of the Western world, there exists varying opinions about the morality of Euthanasia and whether it should be legalized or not. The United Kingdom in particular considers Euthanasia as illegal, a homicide offense (Akinola et al, 2002). Yet in other neighboring countries, laws are much more considerate of this issue. In 2002, the Netherlands passed a euthanasia law, making it the first country in the world to decriminalized euthanasia. However, this practice is limited only to those patients with incurable conditions. Likewise, the physicians must follow strictly a set of guidelines to avoid prosecution. The same law exists now in Luxembourg and Belgium. Moreover, in Switzerland...
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Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide as Sensitive Issues That Entail Judicious Treatment; and it does not authorise any person to hasten the death of another individual. In the case of R v Cox, the defendant, Dr. Cox administered a lethal dose of drug to his patient, in order to relive her of excruciating pain. That injection proved fatal to that patient. It was held by the court that Dr. Cox was guilty of attempted murder; and it sentenced him to a year in prison2. However, in Airedale N.H.S. Trust v Bland, the House of Lords held that the life supporting systems attached to the patient should be withdrawn, by the hospital. This ruling was given, with the intention of permitting the patient to die with dignity3. The strategy employed in the Bland case was passive euthanasia. Under this approach, an individual’s...
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Euthanasia is a choice which should be open to all in this day and age

... and stress it is a compassionate help. Different people have different view on this matter as it is intensely connected with the life of a person. It is also entangled with the ethical and moral principles of human beings. Human being has struggled with mercy killing concept for a long time. The euthanasia is a concept developed in order to save people who are suffering under immense pain and suffering .Some fatal illnesses make people undergo through life threatening situation where they themselves want to end their life. In such cases, the family and medical experts think of ending the life of the patient to save him from pain and sufferings. If a person is hopelessly ill and has no chance of survival and is in pain then euthanasia...
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Euthanasia an Assisted Suicide

... of the Right to Die.” Emmitsburg Area Historical Society. 2005. Web. November 3, 2011 Olson, Kay. “Euthanasia in Oregon.” The Gimp Parade. March 18, 2007. Web. November 3, 2011 euthanasia-in-oregon.html> “Public Divided Over Moral Acceptability of Doctor-Assisted Suicide” May 31, 2007 Web. November 3, 2011 Singer, Peter. “Voluntary Euthanasia: A Utilitarian Perspective” University of Notre Dame 2003. Web. November 3, 2011 <> “Suffer the little children” The Economist November 9, 2006. Web. November 3, 2011 <>... Euthanasia – an Assisted Suicide Introduction Assisted suicide is also referred to as “mercy killing.”...
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End of Life Issues: Euthanasia

...controversy" (p. 9). In the United States, only four out of the 50 states have been reported to have clear provisions for euthanasia in their judicial system (Naik, 2011). This is indicative of the skewed argument against euthanasia as evidenced by the predominance of states explicitly prohibiting assisted suicide or euthanasia (Legal Status of Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia in the United States, n.d.). One’s personal contention is towards prohibiting euthanasia as an end of life decision for patients. Statistics on Assisted Suicide Practice The Johns Hopkins University and Bruce Leff (2007) discussed ethics at end of life scenarios, particularly...
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An Analysis of the Ethical Aspects of Euthanasia for Practicing Medical Professionals

...on the other. While some argue that euthanasia needs to be legalized as a means of terminating the suffering of people afflicted with diseases that cause extreme pain and distress, others contend that it is not ethical to take a human life and, therefore, interventions such as palliative care or end of life treatments should be resorted to as a means of relieving their pain. In a global context, many countries have legalized euthanasia while in the US certain states have legalized this measure and in others it is still illegal. Presently many people suffer from various terminal diseases and are living on life support, without any real sense of living. On the other hand, due to long term use, patients’...
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The Discourse on the Legalization of Euthanasia

... in cases where someone is suffering from extreme and incurable pain that has no chances to be relieved. This scenario puts the proponent of euthanasia in a position to favor it as a means of pain management in the absence of adequate and appropriate care system. On the other hand, opponents of euthanasia believe that there is no such right as “right to be killed”. It is neither humane nor a solution. Medical profession has progressed beyond imagination; it was developed to kill pain not the patient. Human euthanasia must not be legalized or decriminalized, however, patients of chronically incurable disease or disability can request euthanasia and each case should be considered individually by a board of experts. The discourse...
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Euthanasia Should be Encouraged be encouraged. The two types of euthanasia Before expounding on the reasons why euthanasia should be encouraged, it would be imperative to outline the two types of euthanasia. Hinchak posits that the two types of euthanasia include active and passive (3). In delineating the difference Hinchak asserts that in active euthanasia, there must be a person to perform the action whereas in passive euthanasia, death is caused by an underlying medical condition (3). Another difference is that the main objective of death in active euthanasia is to end the life of an individual as an act of compassion. In passive...
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Why Euthanasia Is Unethical

..., it is perceived as punishable by deities to take away life, a practice that can trigger conflicts in the family and society at larger. Why Euthanasia is Unethical Today, people can live longer than before due to current advancements in the medical field. Terminal Diseases such as cancer and degenerative disorders are now sufficiently managed through improved palliative care and advanced options of treatment. However, living longer must go hand in hand with quality of life failure to which an individual suffers pain and depression to the extent that life becomes uninteresting and meaningless. It is because of the uncertainties of illnesses that euthanasia has found its way into the medical practice. Most people who support mercy killing...
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