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Euthanasia - Term Paper Example

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Euthanasia: An Evolutionary Perspective Name University 22 October 2013 Study Rationale An evolutionary perspective is currently made of several perspectives that have a common evolution-theory-centered interest in behaviors and traits that all humans possess (Burgess, 2005, p.3)…
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Download file to see previous pages... Burgess (2005) explained the conditions that enable natural selection: 1) Genetic variation must be present to propel evolution, where the root is “random mutation” that pertains to the DNA making copying errors during cell division; 2) Nonrandom selection of genetic changes happen because of the adaptive needs of surviving in the environment; and 3) Organisms have mechanisms that pass these changes from one generation to the next through a “self-copying DNA molecule” (p.5). Hence, the basic foundation of evolution is genetic diversity. Euthanasia can be studied from an evolutionary perspective, in that it can either support or oppose it, depending on whose thinking and principles are involved (Stewart-Williams, 2010, p.269). The evolutionary perspective can provide justifications for it, or rejection of its fundamental proponents’ assumptions and arguments (Persaud, 2007, p.340). When searching keywords in “euthanasia,” “evolution*,” and “anthropology,” in EBSCO database and Google, however, it becomes apparent that not many studies focus on examining euthanasia from an evolutionary perspective. ...
The writer of the paper has heard of friends and distant family members, whose elderly or very sick relatives called for euthanasia. None of them admitted, however, of approving such requests, because they thought that euthanasia is inhumane and against their personal and religious beliefs. They did not think that it was right to take another person’s life, no matter how much that person wanted it. They assert that life is sacred and that even suffering is not enough reason to support euthanasia. The writer wants to further understand the evolution of these beliefs using relevant articles, especially tracing back euthanasia practices in ancient times. Thus, the main rationale of conducting the study is to respond to the literature gap and to further study a personal concern regarding the evolution of beliefs in and practices of euthanasia. Preliminary Review of Literature Euthanasia generally refers to the taking of someone’s life after the express request of the latter, with the main purpose of ending suffering and pain. Today, there are two kinds of euthanasia, which has its variations: active and passive euthanasia. Passive euthanasia refers to removing the life support of a person, and allowing nature to take its course for the dying patient. Some examples are removing respirators or stopping medicine provision. Active euthanasia, on the contrary, consists of direct action, usually through a doctor. Several examples are administering lethal injection or giving medicine that can hasten death. Some forms of active euthanasia may involve relatives of the patient who approve of euthanasia because the latter is no longer conscious for a long time and may have no hope of being awake again. Active euthanasia may ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Philosophy Voluntary Euthanasia
She wanted a dignified death for herself. Owing to the distressful life she was leading where her words could only be interpreted as grunts, she along with her husband filed a petition in the court to prevent Brian, her husband from any prosecution if he assisted her in committing suicide.
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Euthanasia is commonly referred as ‘mercy killing’ or a ‘good death’. It entails bringing about the death of a patient in belief that the existence of the patient is so bad that he or she is better off dead than alive.
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Euthanasia Term Paper
Active euthanasia is undertaken on an individual when his or her doctors and family members make the decision to actively kill to end the agony suffered by this loved one. Passive euthanasia, on the other hand, lets the suffering person die by withholding the necessary medical care and allowing the disease to kill the person instead of a fellow human being.
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Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia
In the modern context Euthanasia has gradually been adopted and is currently used to refer to the inducement of an essentially painless death for individuals. This paper seeks to establish what exactly are the contemporary views relating to euthanasia, the impact of euthanasia on society as well as establish its general legal status in a number of countries including also in the United States.
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Definitional argument-euthanasia
Although this allows us as speakers to express ourselves more effectively, it also allows for a more powerful manipulation of language. Definitions of words and concepts become stretched and bent such that they can fit into
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The renowned psychologist, Robert Feldman opined that in Euthanasia, the most important consideration is the living will of the patient or the sufferer (Feldman, 2007). But the non believers of Euthanasia have contested the very
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The concept of euthanasia is also not favored by people because it is considered morally and ethically wrong by different religions. Gay Williams’ (1992) argues that act of euthanasia is against the nature because ‘because all the processes of nature
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Acute Euthanasia
However, euthanasia is one of the most highly charged and widely debated subjects of the century. Euthanasia is sometimes also called imposed death, mercy death and assisted suicide. It is the termination of the life of a
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The zillion dollar question is who should decide when a terminally ill patient should be assisted with suicide or not? This is one question which is extremely difficult to answer, most times it is the relatives of the terminally ill patient who take a call and the doctors go ahead with it in some countries where assisted suicide is allowed.
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Suicide and euthanasia
These philosophies include; The Upanishads, The Dhammapada, The Bhagavad Gita, Shinto, Sikh, confucious Mencius, Daodejing (Tao Te Ching), The Zhuangzi, Zen flesh, and
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