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Ethics (9 topics total - Essay Example

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Last name, first Philosophy Topic: Ethics Date: 1. Euthanasia and Abortion Euthanasia and abortion are the most debated concepts and also regarded as crime in some cultures. Euthanasia or mercy killing refers to the process of purposefully putting a human being to death for some grave reasons such as incurable health problems, severe illness and pain etc…
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Ethics (9 topics total
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Download file to see previous pages Involuntary euthanasia refers to putting a person to death without obtaining or seeking the patient’s consent; ethically, this action is equivalent to a murder. Abortion is the process of terminating pregnancy by removing the growing fetus from the womb of a mother, which is also equivalent to ending human life. Many cultures around the world treat abortion as unethical, immoral and illegal even if it is done to avoid the growth of babies with genetic deformities. Yet, most parents opt for abortion of fetuses with abnormalities. Aborting the fetus becomes necessary in case of severe damage due to injury or any other cause; in case of abnormal growth of the embryo, which could be harmful for the mother, abortion becomes inevitable. However, abortion has received its notion as unethical action because of intentional abortion decisions taken by parents, mothers and other family members due to various other reasons such as pregnancy out of wedlock, unwanted pregnancy, early or late pregnancy and even due to pregnancy caused by failed contraception. For these reasons, the fetus may or may not be healthy and normal. From ethics perspective, euthanasia and abortion have attracted much debate from religious and spiritual sides, human rights activists, sociologists, and even medical professionals. In recent debate over euthanasia and abortion, sparked by Ironside who suggested euthanasia for disabled and grieving children and abortion for preventing the birth of an unwanted child or inherently disabled child (Williams, 1). Although Ironside’s advocacy for euthanasia and abortion seem the right choice in such situations, yet people do not dare to take such stand due to the ethical and moral obligations attached with human life and due to pressure from the religious, spiritual and other groups. Abortion is considered legal in most Western and some eastern countries in case of an abnormal fetus; but euthanasia is opted by very few nations. In most of the Eastern nations, euthanasia is treated as strictly illegal irrespective of the patient’s condition. The argument is that ending life cannot be a solution to all sufferings; hence, euthanasia and/or abortion do not fit into the choices of humanity but only as inhuman act against fellow human beings. However, from health of the mother and wellbeing of families’ perspective, these choices seem to be, but not confirmed, ultimate answers. Works cited Feinberg, John S and Paul D Feinberg. Ethics for a Brave New World. 2nd ed. Illinois, Crossway, 2010. Williams, Zoe. Abortion and euthanasia: was Virginia Ironside right? The Guardian. 5 October 2010. Web. 28 March 2012. 2. Sexual morality Sexuality is considered as something vulgar when demonstrated or spoken about in public despite it being a natural biological process associated with growth. Ethics associated with sexuality in reality are directed towards sexual behavior, its constraints, and matters of approval. Sexual behavior is common in every human being, but individuals are expected to express sexual desires only with their approved partners; any ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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