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Dealing with Low Demand and Void Properties - Essay Example

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When the number of these void properties increases, then the issue of destruction also elevates and leads to the failure of existing businesses in the affected area, and further leads to…
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Dealing with Low Demand and Void Properties
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Extract of sample "Dealing with Low Demand and Void Properties"

Download file to see previous pages Controlling antisocial behaviors should also be priority for the management of void property. Many properties have been void for over five months, and the duration is likely to increase. Managing the void properties is a task that the landlords should take and improve the performance of the homes (Kennedy and Dugan, 2004, 6).
Low demand properties are those that are often rejected by willing customers. A low demand property is characterized by a small waiting list; the property being refused for weighty reasons by potential tenants and elevated rates of occupancy earnings for other property in the area. An outdated design and poor location can result to a property becoming a low demand property (Empty Homes, 2004, 4). A large number of void properties exist in the urban settings. For example, in UK, there exist 860,000 void homes (Bramley, Pawson and Third, 2000). The reasons why these houses become empty are because of low educational status, high unemployment rate, reduced life expectancy and antisocial behavior. Whenever there are large numbers of void homes in a place, then it is the task of the property-owner and the community to determine how they will solve the problem.
Emphasis is put on dealing with void properties by satisfying the problem of low supply, elevated prices and unsuitable housing and also low demand. There is the significance of maximizing the utilization of housing stock in areas where the demand is high (Hiscocks, Lee and Shelter Cymru, 2009, 5). However, in areas where demand is low, it is critical to understand the causes of the low demand. The allocation policies are a sustainable way of dealing with low demand. Social issues are usually visible in these areas and are identifiable by the deprived physical environment and void properties. Void properties usually attract different antisocial behaviors such as vandalism, arson and fly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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