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Research information analysis - Essay Example

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This research discusses the sugar free foods and drinks, seeking to understand what they are, how popular these products are in the market, what their negative side entails and why they should be purchased. The conclusion and recommendation are given, based on this.
Sugar free…
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Research information analysis
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Extract of sample "Research information analysis"

Download file to see previous pages The health diet that is used to treat diabetes is manly made up of the sugar free foods and drinks. Therefore, to understand the treatment of diabetes, through the application of health diets, then undertaking a study regarding the sugar free foods and drinks becomes necessary, which is the basis of this study. The importance of undertaking this research is to understand sugar free food and drinks, regarding how they can be applied as health diet for the treatment of diabetes, overweight and obesity. The research also seeks to help the manufacturers understand the market available for the sugar free products, in that, through a clear understanding of the market, then, they will target this market in producing their products, by availing those products that perfectly suits their target market.
Sugar free foods and drinks have most of the sugar substance in foods, sucrose, replaced with other sugar substitutes. This way, the sugar free food s and drinks are deemed appropriate not only for their use as health diet for the treatment of diabetes, but also for their role is assisting weight loss and reducing chances of obesity (Metcalfe, 2007 p18). The difference between the foods and drinks suitable for the treatment of diabetes and the normal foods is in the fact that, these food stuffs should be low in energy content, consists of carbohydrates that are easily absorbed and have a higher fructose content, than is necessary for the normal foods (Blades, 1993 p6). Thus, the observed increase in the trends of preference and consumption of sugar free foods and drinks have emanated from the concern for the role of sugar in causing diabetes, overweight and obesity.
According to the theory of consumer behavior, consumers follow a given process in making purchase decisions. They perceive the need for a product, evaluates available information, in this case, such as the pro and cons of sugar free foods, and their relationship to diabetes and weight ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Information Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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