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Is counselling for people with a learning disabilities inclusive - Literature review Example

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A joint responsibility in the process of counselling individuals with learning disability proves to be effective. Several characteristics support this (Warner 2006) and those with…
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Is counselling for people with a learning disabilities inclusive
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Extract of sample "Is counselling for people with a learning disabilities inclusive"

Download file to see previous pages Dawson (2003) argues that people with learning disability interact with others and may have various talents other than in the field of learning they should therefore not be ruled out to have no contribution in the community. After efficient skill sharpening and counselling, they can be involved in various events other than being guided. They therefore feel appreciated and gain courage in the process facilitating the various aspects of counselling put into practice. Identification of the type of learning disability may help in categorising the counselling group or manner to be adopted. Thus the process becomes inclusive in all dimensions.
In this review analysis, the method to be applied will include research based on internet websites in order to obtain different findings and opinions of other counsellors. This includes the research on journals posted in such related websites. Another procedure will be the finding as per various government postings concerning this kind of counselling. There will be a review of findings from research carried out by other researchers in this field. According to Cresswell (2009) personal observation and analysis of various methods applied in this area of jurisdiction. Another method that will be put into use in this research will include the use of software for data analysis.
This document is a research paper review that contains analysis of various documents in relation to the topic. The parameters of the initial search included the use of internet service in searching web materials in relation to the topic of study. Various books were also used including journals and newspapers. Most peer reviewed journals available in the internet databases were also put into use. Different researchers have carried out analysis of data collected in relation to counselling those with learning disabilities. From these researches, it has been evident that the process is more of inclusive than not. It will be discussed in the subsequent sections ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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